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January 03, 2012


Cathy Wegner

This class looks fabulous! I would love to join you for this one.

Carol Bogue

How nice of you to think of others.Thanks for the opportunity.


New Year greetings from SouthAfrica...... Oooh I would loooove to be chosen!!! All the best for 2012.


Oh how Fabulous does this course look!!!! A chance to take this class would be awesome....Thanks so much Christy!!!!

Jean Marmo

Would so love to discover or rediscover any hidden artistic talents I might have! Thank you for a chance to win!


I love the look and feel of Jeanne's art! Thanks for the opportunity to learn from her!

Tiffany Mohr

I'm in! Love this style!


Such amazing art and how inspiring her blog is. I can see why you are excited to take this class. Please add me to the hopefuls!!!

Julie Frokjer

Wow, the course looks amazing! Thanks again for the opportunity to win a spot.


I don't think we can ever take too many classes. There is so much to learn and so many people to learn things and share ideas from. They say we learn something new every day!


Wonderful! Another chance to win a spot in a creative art class! Count me in!

Karen Hawkins

Another amazing class. xx


Would SO love to win!!! My husband gave it for me for christmas (haven't signed up yet though) BUT if I win I could sign up for yet another online course. Thank you for the opportunity Christy!!


Oh yes-please count me in!!!!!


Love her art and I would love to earn a free spot in her class.


This class looks like so much fun! And another giveaway - how cool is that?!? Thank you Christy!

Meghan Thimjon

Wow would love to win a spot to take the class! I love all the inspiration on the net!!!! So fun!


So much inspiration! Thank you Christy for leading the way!

Holly Holland

Nothing sweeter than being a winner. Thanks for all the giveaways and
nice selections of online classes.

Carol C

Wow this class looks amazing! I would love to learn new techniques!

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