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January 10, 2012


Sonia  **Sony**

Hello Christy
I love Donna D. Style and her creations. She came last year to PR, she is so creative and a funny lady too.
Nice to know you are friends.
Just waiting you visit our country PUERTO RICO, I'm excited taking your class so see you soon.
Greetings, Sonia

Amber Stull

Hey... I feel like your groupie. Everything you put out there, I sign up for. Haven't tried the face stuff yet, but I'm sure that's coming! LOL Donna was hilarious in her description video.. now I really want to take this one. Guess I need to get to work so I can afford all these classes! Love you and all you do Christy! Keep the inspiration coming!


Donna's class looks awesome. She's so funny. I'm on my way to go check it out.
Thank you for loving me and being my TRUE.

carol m

Glad you had so much fun with your trues. I'm off to the beach this weekend with my trues. We always have a fun time. It's a yearly ritual! Love that Donna has a new class. It will be great.

Donna P.

Sounds like you had an amazing time. You are going to be one very creatively busy lady, ENJOY!!!


Sounds like you are refreshed and ready to go!!! Love that:)

congrats to the winner. Enjoy!

Medeah Kitsmiller

Hey Christy! Glad you had fun with your trues. I am actually taking classes from Donna this coming weekend here in Oklahoma. So excited! I have to keep my creative brain fed or I am just not happy. I love how sweet and giving you are dear girl. Take care of yourself and don't forget to rest. You are a blessing to so many.

Liane Townsend

Pleased to know that you took the time to be with your Trues and pull yourself back together again. We become so fragmented by all the must haves, work and even the things we want to do for others. We all need to take the time to be True to ourselves so that we can be all that we need and want to be for us and for others. We "know" this but it's difficult to take the leap. I saw Donna's post early this morning and I would love to take the class, can't seem to get the dollars to line up though. I have signed up for the the Art of wild Abandonment class and Dirty Footprints 21 Secrets! Puerto Rico is a great story and a great time will be had by all.

laura huffman

thanks for keeping it real. i think Sunday should be a day to keep for family and the Lord. good for you. glad you were able to enjoy time with your trues. enjoy Puerto Rico


I needed this today! Thanks so much for the story of your trues and the ups & downs of friendship!

Donna L

So glad you had time to recharge with your friends. I have already signed up for Donna's monthly canvas class, am excited about that. Wish I could attend the soulful artist weekend, maybe someday....Enjoy your trip to PR.


Wow! I'm the lucky winner!! I'm SO happy!

Sounds like you've had a fantastic weekend, I'm dreaming of a weekend like that!

Checking out Donna's class now, can't get too much inspiration...

Larissa Heskett

Well I, like SO many others LOVE Donna Downey. I have been watching her Inspiration Wednesday's since she began filming them and that is another reason why I KNEW I had to attend SPARK this last fall~~ALL OF my FAVORITES in ONE PLACE for a WHOLE WEEKEND!! Well it was TRUE HEAVEN on EARTH and I LOVE you ladies EVEN more than I did before meeting you all in person, because of how TRUE, GREAT, INSPIRING and GIVING that you all are!! =) I am SO in on Donna's upcoming classes and I look forward to a FABULOUS YEAR FULL of nothing but CREATING HAPPINESS!! =)
SO GLAD you had a GREAT time on your trip with your True's and that you got some MUCH NEEDED bonding time~~we all need that to be even BETTER for ourselves and for the ones that we LOVE!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK my Dear Christy!! =)


I love Donna Downey too. Her Inspiration Wednesday is great I love watching the videos each week. She also has the Collage Monday post that are great inspiration. I would love to take one of your classes at her studio it is just a few hours from me but the drive would be hard to do with out an overnight maybe one day. I hope you have a great trip.

Dawn B

Thank you for posting this, I am so excited!! Your art has totally inspired me and got me thinking more "crafty" aside from just stamping my cards which I love to do. I am so excited about Donnas classes and to go back and watch all her WEdnesday videos.
I so wanted to attend that weekend art workshop that you and her were posting but it was sold out, then I see there is a second weekend and it is also sold out (unless its a long weekend, I'd have to look again) Anyways, I so wish you could come to the Boise area and teach some of these fun classes or even if you did them in the IF area I'd bring my suburban packed full of people:) I have gotten so many people hooked on to your art and you! I know if you did something in the Boise or Portland area my family from that direction would come too, they love your online classes. Ok, enough for now. Thanks for sharing.

Limor David

Your weekend sounds great!
I'm happy you came back all jazzed up and ready to fly...
Donna's new adventure sounds like a lot of fun to look forward too.
Hugs from Israel

Kim Boken

LOVE Donna Downey too and I am so excited about her new Canvas Create courses!! LOVe it!! I have taken her Fun with Fabric class and it FABULOUS!
It's also great when our spirit gets renewed..whether it be by friends or by Soul searching, it's a way for us to continually grow as artists and women!!

sarah p

I saw Donna's announcement about the new workshop when I woke up this morning, so today started out amazing! So excited to be able to learn from her, as I am quite addicted to her Inspiration Wednesdays. Someday I really hope to attend an event where you and Donna are both teaching. I know that you've had them in the past, so Im hoping to be able to save up and catch a future one! It would be sooo awesome!!!

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