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January 02, 2012


Renee Aslette

Happy New Year!! I would really love the opportunity to be involved in this class. I am about to begin my very first art journal this year and I would love to learn some new techniques. Thanks for the opportunity!! xo


Happy New Year!

Marybeth B.

You're snowman are so cute! Thanks for the info on the class...looks awesome.

Louise burton

Can you play with you from the UK? x


what an amazing sounding class, can't wait to hear about the other classes on your list

Michelle Mallory

These workshops sound so intriguing and inspirational. Thank you Christy for sharing your gift as well as others.

Karen L.

Hope I'm not too late to get on this deal. I would love to take that class!! Thanks for offering.

Amber Stull

I am definitely taking this in April! Keep reminding us! :) I'm going to wait a little bit before I register so I can save up :D

Linda Peterson

I love the snowmen! So cute. Happy New Year Christi!

Heidi Myers

Oh, I'm so excited about this class. I want to take it so much!

Tina G.

This sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to learn more about it.

Sally Lentz

Sorry for my faux pas. I meant to thank YOU, Christy!

Sally Lentz

I discovered the course a few days ago and am hoping to take it as well. I only discovered your post about a chance to win a free class today. :( Thank you, Christ, for all of your inspiration over the past year. Have a happy, healthy, and creative 2012!


Wow! Went to the site and looked at the class - it looks fabulous! I am seriously looking at taking it. I am a newbee to art journaling. It would be a good leap forward for me!


ooooooh! i want. it would be so wonderful to win a spot for this class. i watched some of the participants through it in 2011 and was so wishing i could do the class. sounds like a great learning experience. thanks for the chance.

Laurie Hunt

Happy New Year! I too have stalked Connie's blog for some time and I thought about trying 21 secrets last year, but I wasn't sure, then didn't. I want to be a part of it this year and would love to "win" my way into it! Thanks for the opportunity!

Geraldine Proctor

It looks fantastic, I've really enjoyed your two she art classes and so this class could be my project for 2012 x

Tina Lynch

WOW. Isn't it fantastic what happens when artists collaborate, share and support each other. Amazing opportunities.


I've had my eye on that workshop for a few days and I LOVE Dirty Footprints Studio! I also think your snowman pictures are adorable. Snowmen and chevrons. Who knew?


Sounds like a great way to kickstart my mojo.

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