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January 16, 2012


Jean Marmo

Congrats! How wonderful for you! Love the She Art stamp!!


Christy, I love, love, love all of your stamps!! Can't wait to see them in the stores!!! I know what I want for my birthday. Heck. I can't wait that long... Congratulations!! I can't wait to play with this month's mixed media kit. (I've already used some of the paints. yummy!!) thanks for the video and have fun in PR

Aida Franquiz

Ohhhhh, new stamps. They sound wonderful.
Let me know if you need help in food places to go or eat in PR.
Otherwise, have fun and be ready for the Mosquitos!


Heather parrish

COngrats on the new lines - can't wait to see and use them!!!

What a Beautiful Mess

So excited for you...and me, I can't wait to get them!!!

Ivonne Santiago

Super can wait to see you in Puerto Rico and learn from you! See you soon... ;)

Amy Patterson

Wow!! So excited to see all the new goodies! Happy for you! I hope some of your new fun stuff finds it's way into the monthly mixed media kits..... just sayin....

Donna L

How exciting, can't wait to see your stamps and papers! I must get another job to support my habit - lol!!

Cheryl S.

Can't wait to see everything!

leann porter

Fuuuun stuff a comming! can't wait!


That is SO, SO exciting Christy! I can't wait to see your new products. So many exciting things happening in your life. Wonderful!!! :)

Liane Townsend

I am so excited for you Christy and so excited for me! lol I can't wait to buy your news lines. Sight unseen, I already know that everyone will love them. Tuning in tomorrow!


Ooohhh Congratulations on the stamps & Paper/Rub-ons. I definetly want to get hold of those & cant wait for you to get them all in your shop. Being able to design a line of goodys is perfect as im sure by now you know what you love & what youd like to see so Im betting theyre going to be FANTASTIC. Was wondering when you were going to get some "Girl" stamps too. A BIG congrats on your achievements & lets hope we can get them from your store soon

sandra de

congrats looking forward to seeing your new line of products and can't wait for your next online workshop.

Mona Pendleton

Congratulations! Can't wait to see them! I'm sure they are nothing but fabulous!

Julie Williams

Congrats Christy! I love your blog, she art girls, and videos. I check your blog every day and get so excited when I see a new post. You have given me so much by making it easy to have fun, be messy, and create something wonderful. Success always finds those who truly love what they do and inspire others. Thanks sooooooooo much for all you do!!!!

Shelly Schmidt

Wahoo for you!!! I cannot wait to see them!

Stephanie Finn

Congrats are in order and you deserve all the best. Can't wait to see all the new stuff! Very excited!


Congrats, I can't wait to see all the goodies you have created!


Congratulations Christy, I wish you much success! Looking forward to seeing all of your items! You go girl!

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