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January 19, 2012


kathy henry

I just ordered both of your SHE art girls. Can't wait for them to arrive. They really speak to my heart. Thank you.


O.M.G! I love love love your stamps! Can't wait to play with them!

Monica Wiedemann

Can i place my order IMMEDIATELY?????! Love all!!

Rose Curtis

Love love love them all Christy! Very excited for you ... I can't wait to order a bunch!

Dawn B

Christy, so very happy for you! Your new line is awesome. I cannot wait to get my hands on all this yummy-licios stuff.

You rock girl. Congrats

Jen Clark

Oh wow!!!! CANNOT wait to get my hands on these!!!!!! LOVE you!!! These are simply awesome!!!


These have my STAMP of Approval!!!!!!!!

Lisa Graham

Wow, those are fantastic! A mixed media artist's dream!

Lisa L.

They are awesome! Lisa L.


The new stamps are amazing!
You must be thrilled!
I just started the she art course and I absolute love it. Thank you for putting these options out there.
You are appreciated!

Melanie S.

I was hopping around the internet tonight and seen a small picture with your name on it. I had to come and check it out right away! I was so exited to see your own line.


Love these stamps!


Really exciting stamps! I look forward to playing with these in the future.


Wow! Need need need... basically need'em all! Congrats on what I I KNOW will be a SMASH hit! :D


love each and every stamp!!! have fun on your trip!


These are fab. I really extra love the angel. Very cool.

Charlotte A

Christy, congratulations your stamps are amazing! I love Unity stamps because they are of such wonderful quality. Can't wait to see you at the Inspired weekend with DD in February!!!!!

B. Poteraj

I just love the circles and beehive sorts of stamps.

sharon gullikson

Are you giving away some stamps? I'd love some!

Natasha G.P.

What a nice collection of background stamps!

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