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January 24, 2012


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I'm so glad to see you growing and reaching out further than ever before. Stay true to your beliefs and good things will continue to follow! Love you.

Susan Schultheis

already ordered and waiting on your stamps! had to have a She-Art girl! She Art is what got me started in the world of mixed media/altered art. Its all your fault and I love you for it. Cant wait for the rest of your lines. You lucky, talented, gem!! Dont have to wish you will do well because you will be sold out of everything - that is what kind of person you are - you touch everyone who comes into contact with you and they love you for it too!! Hurry up end of FEBRUARY!

Monica Wiedemann

*heard :-)

Monica Wiedemann

Wow!! This is the best news I've herd all day! So exciting!!

Tracey L Edwards

Christy, just got my Artisan Avenue newsletter from Stampington & Co. and there was a big feature about your new workshop "The Art of Wild Abandonment"!! I had to scream out of excitement for you - I am so thrilled with all you've become over the years since ScarletLime got started and here you are, the 'IT' artist - just makes me wanna say "WOW!!". I am so excited for you!! Love ya!! : )

Robin Blackman

Holy cow!! this is amazing!!!!!! I love, love, love it!!!!

Nancy Kisiel

Awesome first release. Can't wait for the next one. I will definitely be letting my LSS to get this in stock ASAP!! Congrats!

Wanda H

Congratulations!!!! Everything is wonderful!!!! Love that mask!!!!

Liane Townsend

Maybe you can set up a pre-order for your new lines in your store, Scarlet Lime! I am so afraid everything will be sold out, just sayin'. You are gonna rock their world at CHA!!!


Congratulations! I love the doily stencil and I think I NEED all of your stamps!

Tara boston

Christy! All of your new products are so FABULOUS! I want them all! I am so happy for your success <3

Dawn B

Congratualtions!! I love it all. Please put my preorder in for one of everything :) (to start!!)
so happy right now for you the designer and me the customer. I hope you have cases and cases being delivered to your door:)

Jen Clark

Oh my gosh, Christy!!! Congrats!!! I love it all!!! And ONLY *YOU* could do this in 2 months! For real! You are completely amazing! That doily mask is seriously awesome - totally can't wait to get my hands on it!

AND...dude...I'm SO STOKED that you're demo-ing on Sunday and Monday...b/c those are the same days I'm going to be at I can FINALLY meet you in person!!! YAY!!!



Jean Marmo



Hi Christy, I absolutely love the papers, especially the 6x6 paper pad - I use a lot of this size in my mixed media creations. I am just learning to release the ''inner me'' wildy onto canvas and I loved your shows on Season 1 of My Craft Channel - so inspiring. Love that your colour palette is so vibrant! Yum!!


Very cool things here Christy! Can't wait to see them in the store!!!

Now that you're back from Puerto Rico (sounds like you had a blast) I'm going to sign up for the She Art Workshop. I've been waiting to take this and can't wait to get started!!!



Christy so excited for you and your new collection!!
I love it!!
Can't wait to see it in the store!!

Diane Hover

Love this...saw it on Pink Paislee this morning...and I want it all!! I know it will go over BIG and we will get to lots more coming...yeah!!

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