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January 24, 2012



I LOVE LOVE them all!!


So awesome, all of it. Will have to have every bit of it. Way to go Christy!

leann porter

ok so one of each and 100 packs of rub too much fun can't wait!

Barb in CA

OMG - I want everything you've created! When will they be available in your store??? Congrats on a job well done!


OH MY!!! I want some now!!! Gonna keep stalking the shops till I get some so I can work on new projects here in Australia. TX Michelle

Michelle Nun

I love all the new products that you are introducing! I have enjoyed each one of your classes and am so proud of your ongoing success. Congrats but take care not to overdue it and compromise your health.


Congratulations! Love all the items!

Marian H

Very Cool stuff. Congratulations Christy. Can't wait to see them out in the stores.

marion estes

Wonderful!!! I'm so excited. PP is one of my fav. companies and I'm so glad you are working with them.


WOW They are fantastic! Congrats! I can't wait to get my hands on all of them!


Awesome - I shall be waiting eagerly to get my mucky mits on these delicious confections.


So Cute! Congratulations Christy!

Lisa Nazario

So cool, can't wait to get my hands on these. Love it!


Must have that paper!!!!! Trust me, it will sell out--order tons please!!

Karin Hall

Only one word BEAUTIFUL and INSPIRING (ok 2 words). Love it all

Sonia **Sony**

Christy, I want to share with you this link with photos of you workshop in Puerto Rico:
Wow!, love the new products. Congrats Christy!! Can't wait to play with it all soon.
A big hug to you..

nicole austin

how exciting! congratulations, everything looks great! i am especially excited about those rub ons the stencil (thank you!! couldn't find one like that anywhere!) and the tissue paper.

Cheryl Waters

So happy for your friend! This is just wonderful and a great partnership. I love love the rubons!


Omg!!! Well all I can say is you better be sure to have ENOUGH in the store to meet my err.. our demand!!! I can't wait!!!

Alina Igna

Your release is awesome! And happy birthday to your boys!

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