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March 27, 2012


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Hi Christy! I just found your blog via Rhonna Farrer's blog and am loving your work! Never done canvas before but after seeing your videos , I got inspired to give it a go!! For me media arts, looks complicated but you make it look so easy... : )


well its the 24th already and i sure couldnt afford it anyway. best wishes to all who can. it sounds awesome, have fun.

my friend turned me on to your blog and you had me at! i LOVE, LOVE your art. thank you for a chance to win a spot in your workshop!


EXACTLY what I need right now. This will be my very first online art course, and I am so excited.

Shannon Allor

As always, I cannot wait for your workshop to begin. You are a wonderful and inspiring teacher!

Alpha Shanahan

i am an artist and has been creating and selling my paintings for close to ten years now. i have millions of ideas i wish to do, but i am at a point where i strongly feel i still need to create what is truly ME. {i know you'd understand this... } i couldn't do more without soul-digging and vision-clarifying to be able to continue my journey as an artist. no drama intended, but it's a matter of survival for my artistic soul. TODAY i check into your site and found this awesome workshop ... and today IS my birthday . . . and your discount offer IS til today ... AWESOME!!!


there you go Christy, being AWESOME again... how fun this class will be & I might just have to take the plunge!!

Tara Thynne

You always seem to know how to truly inspire others. I am loving the new concept here on creating with purpose and true vision. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us. Your excitement with what you have learned with Art is contagious!


Would love to win the class!! Can't wait to start!

Tammy N

This sounds amazing! I am into my third phase into my life and reflecting on the past to intensify, magnify and create an energized passion to tell my story to inspire and remind myself at all times to breathe!

suzanne s

Were the winners picked already??


just heard about the workshop today - looks like just what I need. I can't wait!


It is so refreshing to see and hear you talk about this class almost short of breath out of excitement and pride. I'm sure it will be a great workshop!

Suzette Lee

OMG I wish this class could start now. Very excited about this class and journey it will take me on.


Really hoping I win this class!

kay burnett

how awesome it would be to win a seat in your new workshop! i can hardly wait to see what transpires. and thank you for sharing your heart, family, life, trials, and optimism with us - muah!


Love all your workshops ... this one looks amazing.

Amy P

This sounds like exactly what I need. I just had to "give up" and get a full time job. I need to refocus and redefine! I hope I can take this class!


I am so confused on what this will offer. I want to take it but am a bit apprehensive. I don't have a lot of special tools, just lots of paints. I love doing collage, shadow boxes and photography and incorporate my poetry. I guess my bottom line ? is, what will we have as finished pieces. thanks and please excuse all of my curiosity!!!

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