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March 27, 2012




I have taken all of your classes, and this one is the ONE I am needing right NOW. I would be so honored and beyond excited to win a spot in your class.

This class sounds beyond AWESOME!

Can’t wait.

Janice Richie

The class sounds great. Would love to take it! Little high for my budget, but we'll see if I can find some extra dollars somewhere.

Julie Quaschnick

Wow! Once again you have suprised me with your heart and your passion. When I get mail from you in my inbox it is the first I open because I get so excited just to hear how positive you always are...your passion for art speaks to me! I would love to win this class!!!

Susan Smith

This really sounds like an incredible class. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in it.


Sounds like a great workshop. I wish I could take it. Maybe next time. I have taken workshops from you before and I have loved those workshops, so I know this one will be great!

Cathy Garrett

Hi Christy, can't wait for this workshop. It looks so amazing! I am with you girl. Can't wait to meet your friend Art ( I like his name so appropriate)! I am so looking forward to Your Living Canvas!
Many Blessings!


Oh Christy! This class sounds SO SO SO amazing! I'm very excited about this. It has been fun for me to be with you as a student from the first class and watch you blossom as a teacher. It gives me hope for my own blossoming to be whatever that is! Looking forward to this class. I love vision boards too and it's been a really long time since I felt confident enough to have a vision, much less make a vision board.

Linda R

WOW!! This sounds like an awesome class. Your classes are great!!!


Sounds Wonderful.... Thanks for a chance to win Christy.... I'm lovin' your Workshops.... and I'm Lovin' YOU!!!


Carole Kurth

Wow! What an inspiring idea! How great to have that idea, and then be able to invite others to join you along the journey. i would love to be able to take the class...


I am so loving the ART OF WILD ABANDONMENT and this one looks just as fantastic. And it would start just in time for my birthday! Can't wait to sign up!

Crafting by Candlelight

Tante Käthe

After I took one, I will definitely take one more. I am very excited about it! Looking forward to May!

Sarah L

Wow. This is exactly what I've been needing. After struggling so long (and still) this is just the outlet and inspiration I've been looking for.


What an incredible journey to take. To find the balance in one's life, one's loves and one's art - what a joy.
Helen -- Firenze Cards

Michele Gill

WOW! This workshop sounds so amazing. Im in the time of my life where I don't know what Im doing in this life. This seems like a very therapeutic workshop.

Nicolette Parsons

Christie, once again, you have hit the nail on the head with this workshop. Congrats on all the amazing growth over the past few years. You are a credit to all you believe in and the example you set for us all. Thanks for stepping out in faith and reaching for the MOST important things in life. would love to win a spot in the class.Thanks for the opportunity.

Michelle H.

This sounds fantastic. Thanks for the chance to win a workshop.

Julie Corrigan

FUN FUN FUN! Sounds like a great class and journey!


Oh my gosh this is so exciting. I would love to win a spot...Thanks so much for the chance, Christy!

Bethany C.

Oh Christy, this sounds amazing! You are so inspiring...loved your video...and excited to explore in this new workshop of yours!

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