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March 27, 2012



I have purchased all of your classes and the ones you are involved in, and maybe one day I will catch up on them, thank goodness for extensions. This one I Have to do, maybe this is what I need to unblock my mind to be able to do what I used to do before my dad passed away. I have such good intentions and ooh and awww but never seem to be organized enough to get started or finish to the end. You have know idea how lucky I am to have found Scarlet Lime in the beginning when I belonged to every scrapbook club out there. I was never a scrapbooker, but I wanted "that stuff" I am a mixed media artist and when I found you I did not need any of the others. I am so looking forward to this.

Simple Delights

This class sounds wonderful. I can certainly identify with your purpose, as I am going through some of the same issues. I am almost 62 and having to re-define my purpose after some health issues...not knowing what direction to take. The creative process has been great therapy for me and I am excited to continue this journey.

Pam Staley

How exciting! I love all your classes. I am so enjoying the current one with you and Junelle. Winning a spot in this class would definitely motivate me. Thank you for a chance to win.

Jackie Simon

this sounds so much like something I need to do. I will bring it to prayer then hopefully sign up. thanks for all your inspriration.

Kathy Morris

I am so excited about this workshop. I want to sigh up but will have to wait for pay day. My husband decided this past Thanksgiving that he did not want to be married any more. We have been tog. 31 years. I am lost afraid and hurt. Your class is comming at just the right time. I will sign up around the 10th/12th of April. I want to figure what my new life should look like and I so want art to be a big part of it. Thank you for doing this


I would love to win a space in this class! It is something I would really love to participate in, but just a bit out of my budget unfortunately. It looks to be a wonderfully enriching experience though. Great idea, Christy!

Kim Boken

It sounds like an awesome experience!! Would love to win!

Michelle L.

I am always in awe when things seem to happen for all the right reasons even when we don't think we are looking! This class sounds wonderful, Christy!


sounds like a beautiful adventure!

Tina Van Netten

Looking forward to another one of your workshops Christy. Can't wait!!!!


Sounds amazing and like just what I need. I feel like I have spent so much time taking care of my kids (one who is disabled) and now elderly parents that I really don't know what is important to me anymore. I have gotten better at going with the flow but it would be really nice to have some purpose and direction and not just be careening through life. By taking mixed media classes in the last year I have found that taking the time for me to play and create has been just what I needed. Looking forward to being a part of this workshop.

Joanne Penner

Awesome! Can't wait for it to start. Your classes are amazing.

Pamela Poetker

This is the exact point I am in my life right now. I had triplets 13 months ago, and I JUST decided on Sunday, that I needed to start spending some more time on myself and for myself. Because the class is so flexible even I can take it!!! Yeah!

Peggy Giovanetti

This sounds intriguing!!! I'm still struggling with journaling, this seems like the perfect way to learn!!!!

Donna U

An inspiring workshop! Thank you for the chance to win a spot.


Christy girl! I heard of the phase "moist heart" and that's what you have, a very caring, sharing, and loving personna! Your class would be such a wonderful thing to experience!
Hugs, Cocoa


Your art is always inspiring and amazing. This new journey with Art sounds very inspiring and amazing also!!! Would love to take this class and putting it out there to the universe that I would love to win a spot. Turning 60 was an eye opener for me, and I'm still learning to let a lot of things go. Learning about mixed media has become a passion that I need to devote more time to in order to let more things go.

Barbara Dundas

Amazing! I feel your passion. Thanks for a chance to win a spot.

Jenn Heuston

Wow! Counting down already!

Diane Marsh

Christy, I can't wait until May. You bring so much joy into my life with your classes. There is no price on the inspiration that you give me. What a bargain.

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