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March 27, 2012


Carol P

This sounds like an awesome class. I know it can be a life changer. Thanks for the opportunity. I hope it goes fantastic for you.


I am so excited to take your workshop! Do you take payments? Money is tight right now... but would love to take this!

cassie t

Love your classes Christie. I'm looking forward to it!


Christy, this class sounds so amazing! I LOVED She Art and would love to take this one, too. Thank you for the opportunity.


Sam Poole

Wow I am so blown away by your passion to teach others to create art....speaking of 'art' he sounds like an amazing guy that I am sure could help me out on one or two things lol You and Junelle are truly inspiring women! Sam xxx


Thank Christy!!!


I would love to take this course. Praying I sell some art, so I can treat myself as a birthday present... LOL

So happy for the year you've had. Thanks for sharing your journey to encourage others.


Shelly Mitchell

I would LOVE to go on this journey of art and discovery with you!

Anita Brooks

Love, Love, Love your classes Christy!!! I wanna play!!!

Michelle Hotchkiss

What a wonderful class! I'm so glad you were able to refocus so you didn't get burned out :)

Tanya Felsheim

I am probably too late to get in on the drawing. Just finished up a huge fund raiser for the local food bank put on by our local Etsy team and raised close to $2000 for them in a very small community we were very proud of what we did. So am just reading this now though I plan to pin and share your series as I know it would be invaluable!

Melissa F.

I would love to take this new workshop with you! you and your art inspires!

Kelly W.

Sign me up! This sounds awesome -- and you've brought it to me at the perfect time. I CAN'T WAIT!!! (wait...does that mean I'm not being present?...lol) Regardless, super excited!!

J. A. Baer

The workshop sounds like it combines the best of both worlds! I find it amazing that you do all that you do with a big family! I would love to be able to take the course but because of some health issues with my daughter we don't have alot of extra money like now...I would love to win your art course, maybe it would help me to deal with what is going on in my life right now, I don't know why this is happening to her and why they can't figure out what's causing her problems.



I am on a crossing in my life, need to find a new direction so this class comes just at the right moment! I am so excited; loved all your classes so far and I bet this one won't be any different! Xoxo Monique


Christy, I love your photographs and prompts for each week of the course. About your video promo: there is sounds, guitar music, but I cannot hear your voice at all. jan


This is the workshop for me. Balance, we all need help with balancing all of our commitments. Thanks for an opportunity to win a spot!


Wow! Passion, purpose and proud go with my word for the year of Positive. This class sounds awesome!

Joann Brewer

Sounds great, feels like I've been drifting a bit lately, this is very timely. Thanks for an oppotunity to win a spot.

Donna Carl

Love it!

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