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March 06, 2012


pat rezzonico

I am so sorry for your loss. It is obvious that beautiful Max was a beloved member of your family. ♥

Suezi Gurzi

Christy, I really just started reading your blog as i found a new found love of mixed media. So sorry to read about your dear sweet Maxie.I had big ole tears streaming down my face reading your post! I pray that your precious memories of Maxie help ease some of your families sadness right now.
thanks for sharing and for being quite an inspiration for me!


Hi been dying to tell you that I pre-ordered stuff from your she art line - how exciting for you - haven't receive it yet but I was so inpsired!!
How terrific for you that you had a great week - I know it's hard being away from the family!!


First of all let me say how sorry I am for the loss of your dog. I have been there so many times but never lost one as a result of an accident..how terrible for all of you! Secondly I wanted to say how much I enjoyed visiting your blog for the first time. I will be back soon! Maron


So sorry to read about your beloved Max they so quickly become a part of the family and leave a huge void when they are gone.

Eniko DeLisle

Giant hugs...so sorry to hear about Max getting killed...Ben is so adorable and I love your husband for making a little casket. My heart aches for you...that you have so much love and joy and success in your life, yet you are cursed with this painful condition. I do hope they figure out the cause...I think my niece was able to control it somewhat with her diet...I'm sure you've looked into all that. If it helps at all, just know how much you are truly loved and appreciated by your fans. xoxoxoxox -Eniko


i'm so sorry to hear about your families sweet dog.
i hope you've gotten some rest and your body is recouping.
can't wait for the class to start up.

Medeah Kitsmiller

I couldn't help but tear up when reading about Max. Losing a pet is so hard and when your children are hurting you just want to do anything to take that from them. Unfortunately, it is part of life and experiences like this teach them how to cope with loss. It is just so hard. I know they lost their Grandpa and it is so sweet what your son said about Max keeping him company. I think God plants those seeds in our minds to help us see the bigger picture. When I knew I was losing my sister to cancer the thought crossed my mind about how she would get to go to heaven and take care of my babies. We have had several pregnancy losses. I remember whispering in her ear to take care of my babies. I also remember another one of my sisters saying "What a beautiful image God just gave you." I don't know what kind of trials you are going through right now, but I will pray that God gives you wisdom to know what to do. At bible study this morning we were discussing loss and where God is during it and my friend read me a scripture that really helped me as I still struggle at times. I know this is a long post, but I just feel the need to share with you. As a fellow artist with children I know how easy it can be to get so focused on our art and success and such that the people and things we love most don't get the attention they deserve. I have to regroup so to speak every once and awhile and get back on what I feel is the right track for me. I understand and I applaud you for taking steps to do what you feel is right. Ultimately, that will be what brings you the most joy. Take care and take care of your precious family and I will pray for you. I will find the scripture I wrote down this morning and send it to you.

Lisa S.

You guys are in my prayers and my heart aches for all of you. What a precious funeral for such a beloved family member.
Big Hugs to you!

mary s


I am so very sorry for your loss. I too love my career, and have stood on the platform with opportunities to get on the fast and exciting train.....sometimes with the this is too good to be true and dont pass it up feelings. Yet motherhood passes quickly, children grow up and giggles soften, all to soon, the baby boys are 180 pounds and don't sit on your lap and tell you about their day. I lift you up in prayer to embrace the moment and not be caught up in the distractions. All in his wonderful time........


sending great big (((HUGS))) to you and your children. I am so sorry for the loss of your fur baby.


Dear sweet Christy,
I am so sorry to hear you lost "poops" and in such an awful way. having a dog is in your life is a vehicle for such perfect and unconditional love. i hope your love anfd sweet memories help you through this rough time. How lucky you have your loved ones close to help each other. hugs and comfort to you. xo Ida

pat dameron

hi christy,so sorry for your loss.i lost one also this year so i'm feeling your pain.i am so looking forward to this class. thanks for being a great teacher. i'm pretty new at this but i'm still working on she class one. take care,pat dameron

Renee Zarate

I'm still crying for your family and your sweet little dog. So sorry for your loss.

Melanie Douthit

Christy - I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I cried as I read this - my heart aches for you and your family. (((hugs)))


I cried when I read about your beloved Max. My mom has a cute white doggie too..your Max looks so precious...my heart is heavy today.
I am happy to know that you had a great experience on your last trip. I am very curious to learn more about your blog title "discovering new way of art"

Regina F

So sorry to her about Max. Losing a pet is so hard as they are the fuzzy members of the family. Always there unconditionally. He will always be with you God bless you all at this time
Glad to her that you had a great time in NC. I am sure it was great fun. Wish I was there to share that fun
Looking forward to the class. It sounds like it is going to be a wonderful experience. See you in class. :)

Gwen Taylor

Christy, I am so sorry about the loss of your fur-baby. I am sending well wishes and positive energy to you and your family. I'm glad you made it home safe and think I will sign up for your workshop. I have been dying to take an on-line class for art and seriously love everything you do. Thank you for your inspiration and love and heart you put in your art.

Rebecca P.

I have been dealing with a fibro flare for a couple of years, and your art, videos and willingness to talk openly about the pain has helped me so much. You really have no idea how much. The pain caused me to have to slow down so much, that my self esteem plummeted, so I had to do some hard work to get back to accepting myself again. Your art and inspiration were a huge part of that. If I can get nothing else done, I can at least spend a little bit of time in my studio and accomplish something. I hope you realize the impact you can have on other women, who are struggling with fibro.

We lost our sweet Dot the same way you lost Max, so I understand how hard it is for everybody in the family. They leave such a void when they're gone.

Hang in there girl!


So very, very sad about poor Max and the loss your entire family is feeling! The loss of our canine "children" is indescribable!
I do have a question though about our new class starting. I have signed up for the class but will be having a significant surgery on Tuesday unexpectedly. Will I be able to catch up? I may be totally out of art mode for a few weeks!

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