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March 13, 2012



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Christy....I'm sorry to read how things are so unsettled in your life right now....been there. The precious thing about Plan B and Plan c and Plan that you will find the silent, warmth courage that's ALWAYS been there...inside of just needed the right plan to be in place in order to manifest itself.
That courage will get you through.
Sending warm prayers and hugzzzzzz your way.....
Thank you for all the inspiration you so generously share that is helping me work my way through my Plan more ways than you know...THANK YOU!!!!

Sue W

And I have found that if Plan B doesn't work, there's always Plan C! I hope you life gets to running on a more even keel soon.

I thought you might like to see what I created earlier this week combining some of your great new SheArt line and Dyan Reaveley's Travelling Travis stamp set.

Larissa Heskett =)

What a GREAT quote!! =)
I live Plan B almost everyday as I have Ulcerative Colitis and Crhon's Disease, something that is RARE in itself. I struggle everyday with NOT knowing where and how the day will go, but I make a choice each day to get up and go with it NO MATTER what happens and if I have to alter my day/plans than I go with it!! I find it funny, because on the outside I look NORMAL!! =) Its on the inside that I suffer and those who don't know my struggle would NEVER guess that I live the life I live!! It makes me feel good to know that I don't let myself LOOK SICK 24/7 even though 75% of the time I am!! THANKS for sharing and I TRULY BELIEVE in the power of one's self to make their life what it is!! =) Even if that means taking the road less traveled to get there!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

Dottee O.

As you get older you will forget that there ever was a PLAN A!! LOL I am who I am because Plan "B" made me BETTER than that other plan ever could or would. Be patient as you see how the struggles of this new path strengthen you...we are all in this together! HUGS


Thanks for all the things you produce from all your hard work. You are greatly appreciated.


Hi Christy. I know God will protect you and lead you in the right direction.

On another note, I am loving your new class with Junelle. It's amazing how the two of you sound so much alike.

I'm up to the Owls and loving it.

Mary u.

Christy, I too have had to go to my "plan B" a few years ago. There are days when I struggle and forget to tell myself that what I have done is good enough. It sounds like your plate is spilling over right now. Please try to give yourself a break and remember that every day you are and have done enough!

Heather parrish

Thanks for the kick in the butt - I definately working on plan B!


Christy I signed up for you Wild Abandonement class yesterday - is it too late - I have not received any info as yet. Just checking!

susan lew

Thanks Christy! I love that quote.



Lori Souter


you have no idea how your timing on this quote is for me. I am going through something that I have to start looking at plan B...OMG! I knew this all along, I needed you to PUSH me!

Thank you....hugs to you..I hope that you are doing better in your plan B!


Laurie M

Just wanted to pop in and say the online class is fabulous...I've already learned a new way of looking at art!! Thanks for putting it together!

Jen Bell

You sound like you need help! I wish I could fly out there and do whatever needed doing for you! I believe in what you do and would love to help it move forward in anyway possible!!

Vickie Z

Understand Plan B!!!

Shay Fourney

Christy, that was a beautiful message. We've only met once, but I know you have strength and courage to embrace Plan B. You've done it before and came out stronger for it. And Lord knows, chic, you have the support group! You're in my prayers. ~Shay (Soulful Artist)

becky voth

Such a wonderful message! I believe that my life is teetering on the edge of Plan B right now; where some things ARE going the way I want & others seems to be spiraling out of my control. I hope I will have the strength to just "go with it!" Thanks for the inspiration to try!

HUGS! Becky


It is sooo nice to know that I am not alone. Our life took a plan b last December...and like you some things happened in my life that I NEVER would have believed...ugly awful things. BUT things are looking up. I went through about 2 months of depression then woke up and said that is enough! Now I am teaching my first free e-course and doing so much better.

Hugs, Christy!!



There is always a Plan B. And often, it is not as bad that what we tend to think.
I don't share the same religion than yours (complicated story) but I do have faith. And from the almost 27 years I've spent on Earth I noticed that with struggle, with all the "why me"-s, comes a great lesson. Hard one. But still an opportunity to grow and move forward.
Having fibromyalgia, I am learning to accept I need rest. Learning not to stress over everything I used to because my body reacts violently and almost before I even realize the "why".
You are loved by your family and friends and people you don't even know through your art. This is amazing. But love and take care of yourself because we can't do it for you.
Sending you love (and I am happy to be part of the 21 Secrets teachers with you).

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