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March 13, 2012



the more plan b's you are faced with in the life, the more opportunities you are given to grow and become who you were truly meant to be...this may sound silly but i truly believe this will make you stronger and more YOU than you have ever been. thinking of you...


Such a great quote to put it all in perspective!
Nothing in life is worth anything unless you worked for it...
Plan B is always a new way of looking at things and usually works out.
I always need the reminder thanks for sharing

Rachel Carlson

EXACTLY!! My plan B started 11 months ago with some added wrenches thrown in for good measure and let me tell you, little did I know when starting off on plan B was going to take me in the direction that it did. It's not all fun and games, pretty and shiny but plan B will set you on a course to 'clarity' and self-worth and all that goes with it. who knew. HUGE thanks for the reminder, I needed this today!!


Christy! You walk with God! I am in the midst of change and need to embrace Plan B and run with it rather than continuing to argue with not having Plan A. LOL!!!

Thanks sweets for posting this. Funny I happen to be online when this came through.


Love it, Christy! 99% of our happiness is determined by the attitude in which we deal with things. Sending a big hug and smile to you :)

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