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April 12, 2012


annie green

OMG... I just received my Christy products that I bought from the Lime store. They are AWSOME and truly..... the products are even better in person. This is coming from a person that buys a LOT of craft supply. This is by far my favorite!!!!

Angela Nebinger

I love love love your behind the art videos.. and watch them again and again!! Signed up for the workshop a few weeks back.. can't wait for class to officially begin :)

Juliana Hall

I love the bright back ground. Thanks for sharing


Gorgeous project. I just love all the layers. Thanks for sharing your art.

Gwen Taylor

Love this video and more than that loved seeing your awesome work in my favorite magazine (Somerset Studio). Thanks again for all the inspiration!!!


WOW... I am just in awe with your talent. It's so mesmerizing to watch you do art. Your sense of color, balance, texture... everything just comes together oh so well... I'm inspired. I'm feeling this. I think that I wanna try it.


I love watching you make She Art! And all other art too;) In just three weeks I will take one class live after taking sooo many on-line classes! So looking forward to that! Hugs sweetie!

Danette Munn

Could you please add to your line of products some reproductions of those wonderful and impossible to find plastic doilies!!!! I KNOW E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E of us WOULD totally buy them ALL!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for always inspiring me to create instead of focusing on my depression and problems. You have made my life richer and are one of GODS truely special child.


Thank you for sharing that video! I am totally inspired to get creating! AWESOME!!


Have just blog-hopped & found your site & have been completely amazed. Just love your work & this video is a 'must watch'. Thank you! Sx

Jacqueline Kriesels

I really loved to see you paint! Thank you for sharing!!!!

Audrey Meijs

Love it! thank you for this great video!


hey hey thanks for sharing so cathartic watching you thanks for sharing (not sure on the spelling of that big old word back there) lol your are amazing glad you had a fab time with the fam :)

Sharon Osborn

Ah Christy! Another homerun! Oh-its time to pull those She Art girls back out:0 Thanks for sharing!

Emily Lagore

Thank you so much Christy!! That video was super fantastic!!

Grandma Shelley

So excited...I just signed up for the new class...can't wait...a quick question...I saw the video challenge for week #1...has the video challenge for week #2 been posted yet? Probably just a silly question from an old Grandma...thank you!


I can't believe I won! Yipee! I have taken the other classes,but the money tree has dried up! Can't wait to start.

Christy Tomlinson

Camille! You need to email me because it was sent a LONG time ago! it goes to the email associaited with your paypal account! email me!

Sally Penning

This was so much fun to watch! Thanks Christy.


I love this video. Thank you for posting it again. So many fun colors and textures!!

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