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April 26, 2012


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Deborah  Manocchio

Is there any way to still get a kit for this??? I live it soooo much!!! Love butterflies too!!


Loved this!! Greetings from N. Ireland!


Absolutely beautiful!

Carol Clarke

Wow. I love the video. You've made me a fan. I can't wait to sign up for the kits. They look amazing and it's a great way to introduce this art to beginners. Thanks and looking forward to your next one.

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

Watching you work made me feel so happy inside. Your style is free, colorful and playful. I wish more people could know that joy when they create. Thank you for sharing your artistry with us. Very inspiring!

christy tomlinson

barbara.. all kits were mailed out almost 2 weeks ago.. email me if you are missing yours..







I'm tickled pink to have just signed up for 21 Secrets! I haven't looked at the workshops yet but am loving getting to know all the teachers! So glad you're one of them!

Gwen Taylor

love how effortless you make this look.

J.r. Jackson

I cannot wait for the sale!!! This is my second kit, and I am do glad I signed up.

Carla Bange

I love that you, too, have stopped using brushes and are just using our favorite tools: our hands! I love my craft sponge for getting all the paint off my hands and nails after I finish creating.

Also, the Whispering Turquoise paint color from AmericanCrafts is wonderful. I am ready to re-order that and check out the other colors from your ScarletLime line, too. Thanks, Christy!


can you hear me shouting?? I LOVE this project! just wanted to add thanks for all the still photos at the end of your videos and for being so generous with the amount ! x

Raquel - Tentaciones de Papel

It is so beautiful!!!! I love it!!!

I love your projects!!!!


Totaly inspired by your post, I've made this

Deana Wolfe

I love this project, as I just cleaned my craft room and then I watched your video I laughed really hard watching you paint with your fingers! I keep trying to figure out how you find time to do this and take care or your family??? I need to know.....I so miss having my fingers in the paint and that is so much more fun than the dirt!

Juliana Hall

I had this quote in my bedroom as a teenager and I don't know here it's from, but it's "To be a butterfly, one must want to fly so much, they are willing to give up being a caterpillar." Love these canvases, just bought the kit!

Jana Darrirngton

Butterfly migration! love it!!!

Danette Munn

really wish I had gotten this kit, but I failed to sign myself back up after you stopped the F.F. kit. I will not miss out on next month kit though.....I hope.

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