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April 16, 2012



I'm still waiting for my mixed media kit! For some reason my emails are going unanswered so I thought I'd try to reach you here.


I am anxiously awaiting the promised video for the MIXEDMEDIA KIT subscription!.....did I miss it somewhere?


Ugh..i forgot to leap.

Amy V

So excited for the workshop! I did She Art last year and love Christy and her teaching style! Thank you for the payment plan and the discount!! :)


My school year will almost be over by May 21st and I'll have an entire summer to discover the creativity I want to believe I possess. Christy, your words speak to my heart - I can't wait... So grateful that God has helped me to connect with you and your wonderful gifts.

Regina F

I am in!! Juggled money, since the government got theirs, so now its all about me!! Looking forward to it!

Karen D.

I am so stinkin' excited about this! These next 5 weeks are going to be SO LONG!!! :)

Jennifer Patrick

I just signed up. I'm nervous and excited at the same time!!


I signed up yesterday too and I'm so exited. Love reading the comments here - I could write "dito" on all of them :D

Lucie Hale

Christy, I signed up last night! I absolutely can't wait. I've wanted to sign up since the very first day, but just couldn't afford it. Thanks so much for the payment plan--it made it easier to budget. I am so looking forward to this new adventure with you and the others!


Can't wait!

Susie Roberts

I tend to put myself last when it comes to spending money for fun. But breaking the payment in half really helped me take the "Leap"!!
Thank you so much for that option. Can't wait to get my. FB invite so I can meet everyone.
Hugs. Susie


Just signed up! Looking forward to this!!


I decided to take a leap also and signed up last night. Looking forward to the class starting!

Lisa Ciaravino

OK, I leaped !!!!! Can't wait to start this class.


hi! i got signed 2 days ago! when will my invitation to face book page come?

Gayle L

Woohoo just signed up and I can't wait. I will be on holidays when this class starts but all that means is I have something great to look forward to when I come home.
Thanks Christy

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