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April 30, 2012


Belville Freed

What colors do you used? Did you mix it? They're absolutely stunning. I love it.

Vinton Musser

This is a mixture of art and craziness! And you are doing a fun fan art. This is interesting!

lida daidaihua capsule


Michelle A

wow, that is super, duper cute. I wonder if pink paislee is out since SBE here in mesa, AZ, connie is teaching this class. that is so neat. I love it. thanks again for sharing.


I love the layering and controlled "messiness" of your art work. Love. Love. Love.

Thank you for posting your behind the art information, my fav!


ReNae Allen

I just received my March kit, it came in only 2 days! wow!
However I have a question about the content. I sent an email to you so hope to hear back from you soon!
ReNae in KS.

Sue Granno

Why can't someone else sell it, I have just recently found your website and LOVE the SHe art and now you are sayingt its no longer available, How sad is that, what's the issue with Pink??

ReNae Allen

I ordered the March kit from this sale and FORGOT to put in the sheartlove code in!! Is there any way I can get store credit for the difference? I am taking the Workshop and already paid for it too but I know I will be purchasing supplies. I am disabled and it would really help if you could do this. Thanks!
ReNae Allen


ladies - some things are back in the store to order, that were Out of Stock on Monday. :)

Deana Wolfe

Lucky Girl! I am so excited for you that you are going to Sweden to teach a class! That is so awesome and what a experience, I will be so excited to hear about your trip! I would happily be your craft caddy! lol Have a great time and take some great pic's. So are your items at Ben Franklin right now?
Thanks <3 Deana

becky voth

I love watching you work!!! This is a wonderful canvas! I wish that Pink Paisley wouldn't stop producing this line! That's just nuts since it's so popular!!! Can't wait to start the Living Canvas AND to see the new stamps too! HUGS!

Hanna Nilsson

Beautiful canvas Christy! I just signed up for your new workshop and I'm so excited! Can't wait!


LOVE your art....
so sweet and inspiring!

judy lail

I'm trying to watch your new video and it is just the same as before it skips and stops i was s hopeing it would be difgferent than the last so NC


i love your banjo music.
it rocks.



I wanted that doily mask in the worst way but it was sold out so I checked the Web. I just got one at Emma's Paperie but had to pay over $7.00 for shipping!! EEK!! That shipping charge just annoys the crap out of me but what are you going to do when the NEED is so powerful!? Yes, tell Pink Paislee we need more!!


having trouble purchasing faber pitt pens as they are out of stock... but I thought you said can still purchase today and take advantage of the sale. Thoughts. thanks ginger


Is there nothing left???


She is such a cutie...can't wait to work with her!


Ack, i'm super bummed b/c I woke up and checked for this sale first thing b/c there were TONS of things I wanted to buy but was waiting for the sale and everything I wanted was gone, the faber castel big pitt pens, punche outs, rub ons. All gone. Boo! LOL I know your stuff is super popular it's just a bummer for me. haha Thank goodness I got some of the rubons already and the punch outs but then when you said they were going to be discontinued I knew I wanted to stock up - apparently I wasn't the only one! haha

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