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April 09, 2012


Alpha Shanahan

i have just paid for the workshop. when do i get access, etc?

Renee Sendelbach

Two questions:
Will we have access to this class longer than the 6 weeks? Do you when you will offer this again? We are going to be traveling a lot this summer, so I am a little hesitant to sign up for this one due to time. Thanks!


so what is the prompt
I found this vid by going on your page, but still cannot find the Your Living Canvas Page. Please direct me


I cannot find the facebook page. is is under your name or Your Living Canvas


just signed up........woo hoo! So ready for some life changing focus. Can't wait to start...


This is going to be awesome. I don't know if I can do it yet financially...I am hoping:)

susan mason

All signed up sounds amazing, love the facebook page idea

Retro Dolly

All signed up and ready to roll. Yeee-haws!

Mimi Davis

All signed up, just found you through a friends recommendation. Will there be a suggested supply list? I'm new to art Journaling and I am still acquiring supplies?

Karen Dodson

I am so excited for this class!! It's coming at a perfect time for me. I have some major life changes ahead and will need a lot of focus.

P.S. Is that Melody's hat?? LOL!!

Dottee O.

Looking forward to having more artsy fun with my favorite Idaho artsy girl!

Jen Clark

Yay - done, signed up! Thanks for the payment plan! xoxo Can't wait for this class!!


Christy - this class sounds so amazing and I cannot wait for it to begin. I am at a crossroad in my life right now with my career and am ready to take the leap into following my heart - I think this class will be such a soul cleansing experience. You are an amazing person. Thank you~

Kristin Townsend

Hello!!! This sounds like an amazing experience, not just a class. Are there any Scholarship available? How sad is that request:(

Hope you all get a lot out of the workshop, embrace, embrace, embrace!!!!


Christy will those of us without Facebook be left out? or is the information going to be in the class as well. I'd hate to be left behind.
you look great by the way :-)


If we have already registered for the workshop, how/ when do we get access to the FB page?

What a Beautiful Mess

I can't wait for this class. Love the blonde hair.

Robin Blackman

love that picture! It reminds me of the amazing week I had at SPARK #3...with some pretty amazing people:) Looking forward to the class. xoxo

Liane Townsend

Love ya Christy, can't wait for access to the the FB page and then for the class to begin. I am so looking forward to this special class!!!


will there be art exercises in this workshop?

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