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April 06, 2012


Berta Hargrove

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Cindy Jones Lantier

I paid for the class on 27 March --can't wait to get my invite to the Facebook group!

Karen D.

Have a wonderful time in California!! I know your kids will be SO excited!! :)


Have fun in California ! I know the kids will love love love the surprise and that keeping it a secret will totally be worth it ;)


When do we get to see actual photos of the April Mixed Media kits?

carisa zglobicki

Happy Easter with your family - I know the kids will be so super excited! I think it's so important to take out that time just for them. I can't to watch the video challenge! Sounds intriguing. Thank you for responding to my email - now that I know I was one of over 900, I'm pretty impressed you took that time to let me know about the kits being avail. I jumped on it about 2 seconds after reading the email. LOL I am seriously leaning toward taking your 6 week course - it's sounds perfect for what I want in my life right now. Thank you for taking it on!!! <3 *hugs*


Happy Easter to you and your family, Christy!!!

becky voth

Can't wait to hear the big news from you CA trip w/Ben! I'm sure it's fabulous!! Enjoy your precious time with your family!!


Hi christy hope you have an amazing time with your family, you are naughty tempting us with those courses...but I like it ;-) have a great Easter xxx

Kristina Solheim

When will you post who won spots in your living canvas class? Earlier you said it would be "late this week."

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