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May 28, 2012


Report on

It is the blog that I have been checking systematically

Dede Powers

Wow - felt relaxed and so happy. YOu certainly have a gift. So very glad that you share it. Amazing.


Danette: it is mod podge or more likely Decopage... I use both but prefer Decopage like Christy does. They are both available at craft stores like Micheal's. :)


I love this! It has totally inspired the cover for the family journal/album I am making the "mystery child" we're adopting! Merci! xo


I'm new to the media kits. Can anyone tell me what is in the can that she brushes onto the canvas? Is it mod podge?


Kathleen Wilson

I love your work Christy. I have just posted my take on "Do What Matters" on my blog along with links to your blog and website. Thank you for sharing with everyone.

Larissa Heskett =)

LOVED the video!! So darn cute!! Makes my think of the forbidden fruit tree!!
THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

Sue W.

Awesome canvas! You inspire me every month with your creativity.

Gwen Taylor

Thank you, Christy. You always make me want to get my hands dirty.


You've done it again, Christy, love this canvas. Can't wait to make one.

Judy Yelton

I wait patiently every month for my kit and the video. Thank you so much for all the goodies and creativity.

Susan Tidwell



So excited to hear about the music...I love it! Love seeing you at work as well!

Annie Green

I am loving the mixed media kits, the workshops, and the shop!!

Jen Clark

Gorgeous!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it - I will have SOOOO many goodies waiting for me when I get home from my mom's place!!! xoxo


Loving it Christy! Can't wait to play with it myself. Hopefully I get in the mail soon (or pick it up from customs LOL)!


Love this! Thank you for getting us 'out of the box'!

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