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May 30, 2012


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ReNae Allen

I cannot wait to order some of your items! Love the apron, the photo frames, the lamps, the everything!! Whoo hoo! Can't wait.


So excited to see your home decor items! I just saw an ad from Michaels about the Crafty Wars showon TLC that starts June 26th. Any chance we'll see you on that show?????


Love to reading all this! So happy for you! Hugs!

Jen Clark

I can't remember if I posted on this or terrible is that? LOL But really...I LOVE all this is GORGEOUS. And at the same time, I am SOOOO proud of you for everything you are doing, all the decisions you have made...the hard ones, the necessary ones, the ones that have gone against the grain or that maybe some people have not understood or have given you a hard time about. YOU are setting SUCH a great example. YOU are leading by example. YOU are leaving an incredible legacy for your children. You are telling the world - or at least your readers, your fans, your students, everyone that crosses your path (and that's a LOT of people) - that what society says is important is NOT; you are showing them by how you are living, by your choices, by your words and actions, by everything you do - that life is about something SO MUCH BIGGER AND BETTER. I admire you so much for making the hard decisions and sticking with them. Turning down licensing contracts, turning down publicity and money - that's hard. That takes courage, and trust in the Lord. It takes knowing that this life is not about that stuff...and, as you like to say, HOLY COW - you are LIVING IT out loud! Anyway...I just had to tell you...keep it up, one step at a time, one day at a time, one choice at a time...and THANK YOU for creating this workshop...and for anyone reading this who ISN"T in the workshop ==>>SIGN UP! LOL xoxoxoxo

Sherri Boyce

Can't wait to buy one of those HAPPY coffee mugs!!! It will be an even better way to start my morning! :)

Linda Robison

Christy - I'm tickled pink for you! I'm learning a lot about listening to my whispers from you and that even though I start down one road, I can take another. You are so blessed to have a wonderful man as your partner - and he's a builder too? I can't wait to see the photos ;-) Protect your bond with everything you have - it's everything.
I predict your shop will sell out in an hour!!

Linda Robison

I couldn't agree with Annie Lou more. I have a cell phone (not a smart one) and I turn it on to make a call when I'm out and I blocked texting on it. This amazing instrument was invented so that I could actually speak to another so why would I type on this itty bitty thing? I get annoyed when out with a friend who is constantly "checking" her phone and will actually text back and say "oh just sending a quick note" - I don't think many realize how much it hurts when the person you are WITH thinks whatever comes through on that phone is more important than us being together - I may not be here tomorrow, nor you - believe me whatever the text is can wait - matter of fact it can all wait - til you get home ;-) really.

Melissa Fabucci

Congrats!! I admire your courage!

Donna L

Wow, that is some exciting news and the products look awesome. I am happy for you, and even though you won't be doing more of this, it makes those products even that much more collectable. I wish you continued success, in all areas of your life.

Kelly W.

OMGosh Christy! Your products sitting out gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes - seriously! What an unbelievably incredible moment that must have been to see your work come to life in such a way. And how sweet was Ben to put it out all over the living room for you? ...awh! (I have to have that lamp!!!) What an incredible moment for you and how much fun will you have this summer as everything rolls out? Way cool, right? Thanks so much for I'm off to find that lamp!

Jacqueline Kriesels

Wow, yopur products look so amazing!!! Beautiful!!! I'm so happy for you!!!

becky voth

Wow! I'm breathless just reading all that!! Very cool about the product line! I'm curious though, how is this different than the licensing thing if it's still your designs? It's all confusing to me! Can't wait to see the house pix - that looks like A LOT of tile! Happy no-media day tomorrow! I will be driving across Western Kansas, so I'm not sure I can stand NOT checking in now & again thru the boredom! LOL!

Linda Polaretzki

I am so happy for you!!! You deserve it!! I loved what I saw and now will have to save my money!! I don't know how you find the time to do everything and do it so well. Keep posting pictures of the remodeling also and all the new product.

Sandy Hutchinson

Christie, are you going to be in Atlanta for the release? I will be there and will certainly check out your products for my store here in the North Georgia Mountains!!!

Lisa are such an inspiration to so many! You truly deserve this wonderfulness! Congrats!

Leora all looks amazing, sis! I want to get a much to drink my coffee from! love it all! Congrats sis!

Joyce Leathers

Christy..OH>>YEA!!! Save me a MUG!!! Congrats are blessed..and I through you have learned it is in me..finally able to let the fun out! Create Create computer..just be with the ones whom mean the most..give BACK! Hugs..Joyce : )

Nancy G.

I love your new line of products. Can't wait to see everything in the catalog. Congratulations! You are so inspiring!


must have everything you have designed, can not breathe - i am in looove!!! xxxx

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