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May 09, 2012



You work so fabulous! Much fun to watch you and I am inspired. Thanks for sharing and letting me learn!
Smiles, Cyndi


I'm stunned by your art. Just LOVE that shabby, grunge! Couldn't get any better! Beautiful!

Linda Born

How fantastic this video is, I haven't seen anything like it before. Can you tell me about your black pen - is it a Pitt Pen? Also since I have seen this video I have looked for rub-ons like you used, but can't find any of any kind, can you help me with this? This is so exciting, I can't wait to try some like it.
Linda B.


I hope you have fun with your mom and want to wish you a Happy Mothers day.


I blogged you here
Love your work. I attempted my own the next day and also posted it. Thank you for your inspirational art.


Hi Christy, I think it is so fabulous that you are over here so close! I hope whatever part of Germany you are in is having warm and sunny weather and that you are enjoying seeing your parents - I can believe you that you really miss your kids! Have a safe journey and thanks for the repost, I missed it the first time. Super sweet art - as always so inspiring! xo Karen


I am lol because I have a bird and we say "Fly bird fly" and she does! I am going to go out to my room from, make one up and use her pic. Just to let you know I am still just lol.


I always feel so creative after watching your videos. And I tend to be a bit more free flowing and spontaneous rather than my usual over thinking. Your style is complex but you make it look so easy;)


I am so happy you reposted this, I hadn't seen it. So when I saw how adorable it was I got right up and made my own!! I will post it to the facebook Living Canvas group later. Thanks yet again for fun inspiration. Hope your trip is a blessed one!

Pam Pemsler

I love your happy colors!

Donna L

I can't believe this is one I haven't seen -- can't wait to get home and watch it, looks really cute. Hope your visit to Germany goes well and you have safe travel back home.


Thanks Christy. This is perfect for me. A few months ago our finches had babies (much to our surprise). I wanted to create something and it is. Thanks. Enjoy Germany.

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