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May 02, 2012



Hey Christy,

How do we get into the facebook group? I registered for the class but I don't know how to get access to the facebook group you mentioned.


Elizabeth Cooper

Okay, you've convinced me! I've been hesitating ever since you announced this workshop because I'm just getting into Mixed Media and have very few supplies... And frankly, I've been feeling just a touch intimidated. But I took the plunge today and signed up! I can't wait to get started!

Rachele S.

So far I think this is my favorite week I'm looking forward to! Can't wait for class to start!! YIPPEE!

Larissa Heskett =)

YEAH!! THANKS for the video week 4 sneak peek!! I LOVE your fun shirts!! That lace under shirt is SO PRETTY!! Looks like a background from one of your She Art Canvases!! =) Anyway, I CAN'T wait for the workshop and THANKS for the chance to win such an AMAZING GIVEAWAY!! =) WOOWOO~~I KNOW anyone of us would LOVE to win!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)


WOOHOO!! What great giveaways! I can't wait for the course to start as it's coming at a perfect time in my life. These past couple weeks..omg...crazy doesn't even begin to describe it! Ready to have a week before class to write in my journal and 'dig deep' so I'll be ready for class. Thank you Christy!!


I can't wait for the course to start! So looking forward to it and making time for me!!!!! :)


i just had to leave you a message because i felt like you were describing a typical day in my life. i've been thinking about this class for a few weeks and i'm finally going to just jump in. i'm really excited! i can't wait!


Yea, Thanks Christy that was great! Super excited to getting started in a few weeks! And hope I one of the lucky ones to go shopping for free!

Carmen Lucero

Oh Christy, winning would be a dream come true. I've been wanting to take your living canvas class but haven't been able to. I really need to learn to focus on what I'm doing at the moment - even my hubby tells me I need to be present. So hoping I get to take your class soon.

Hugs, and thanks for all you do.

Carmen L


Your words ring so true! Cannot wait to start!

Jen Clark

I just adore you, Christy! ;) Yes, I learned the "multi-tasking is BAD" lesson a while ago too. When we truly focus on who or what we are with, we can truly be present in the here and now, and we get SO much more out of our experiences. Can't wait for the workshop to start!

Jessica Noethlich

Oh WOW-- I so wish I could afford to take this class right now!!! :( Each video you've done just totally speaks to me! ♥ It will be another AMAZING, that's for sure!!


As a multi-tasker myself I appreciate that message...sounds like such a great workshop


Love the newest peek! I can't wait for the workshop to!


Just sooooo Happy I am fortunate to be taking this class!

Thank you! :)

Sherri Welser

Such a great opportunity~ thank you for offering the wonderful giveaway and I am so exceited to start the workshop!! Have an awesome day Christy!!

heidi hines

I can't wait to get inspired!!! WHAT a GREAT giveaway!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your red boots christy!!!! ;)xoxoxoox


Awesome! Do you actually have stamps with all those great words, or are they added in photoshop after the photo is taken? If you have the stamps, will they be on sale in the shop?


What an awesome giveaway!! Your workshop, blogs and insights make me happy. Your blogs are the kind that make me feel like I know you because you reveal so much. I know your life goes way beyong the published words, but you share so openly and generously. Your art makes me joyful. I don't rememeber ever seeing any of your art that did not reflect a spirit of joy or gratitude. Thank you for sharing your art and so much of yourself.

Patricia Lewis

You motivate me every time I watch your videos or read your blog. So looking forward to the Living Canvas class. And what a fantastic your work and your energy!!

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