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May 17, 2012


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pretty sure I had an acid washed outfit just like that, and my hair was very Bon Jovi, I got so many compliments! LOL

Danette Munn

Let's face it!!!!! Being a teen in the mid to late 80's was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!! Nothing beats our music, fashion, and movies (especially with the "Brat Pack")!!!!!! I so totally love the acid wash denim "suit" you are wearing!!!!LOL I think we all had them!!!

Sharon Gullikson

I loved this blog post. I've never read any of yours before---I was just googling you because I saw your beige paper with the dresses on it (tissue?) and it's just adorable. Anyway, I found this blog, and loved reading it and seeing the old photos. Your parents' big old glasses remind me of some photos of my husband and me. Our daughter, 26, loves the photos--- I HATE THEM. But she gets a kick out of them, so I guess I won't burn them...I loved reading about how you used to be feisty, etc. Will you be teaching a class at the next Winter CHA? I'd love to take it if so....

nicole austin

awesome! thanks for the trip down memory lane! :) acid wash jeans! why did we ever wear them? ;) i even had an acid wash jean book bag! and the slouchy socks and canvas shoes and big bangs, too!

Anna Sandén

I could spend hours looking through old photos, family ones are especially fun!

I have been inspired of your "She art". Look in my blog :)

Larissa Heskett =)

OMG!! You are TOO CUTE!! I LOVE hearing your FUNNY stories!! If you think about it though if you wouldn't have been SO EXPERIMENTAL you probably wouldn't be such an AMAZING artist!! =) I can only imagine how BAD the Red Hots on your face FELT!! I'm sure your kids will LOVE reading ng your blog when they are older!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!!
P.S your twin sisters look alot like you (now)!! Esp. in the First photo you shared!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

Kelly W.

HA!!! I LOVE the denim :) What great pics. It's so fun, isn't it to go through old photos. What gems!!!

Sharon Osborn

LOVE it! We fondly call the bangs 5" off our forehead, "THE CLAW"...hey-we should make a She-art of them!!!

Joanne Freeman

These photos are awesome. I don't even know you but I loved looking at these. Might just have to go and dig out some of mine now. Thanks for sharing.


I LOVED my acid wash jean jacket!! And Some Kind of Wonderful is my FAVE movie!!

Pat Healey

Those were great - what wonderful memories. You are so blessed. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Donna L

How fun, I could spend hours looking through old photos, family ones are especially fun. Can you believe we wore such goofy stuff? Right out of flashdance that last outfit!! Thanks for sharing, I got a giggle out that.

nancy Johnston

Wow, your parents divorced with 7 kids?
That had to have been insane! You seem to have weathered really well, but I think large families do better.

Liane Townsend

So much fun Christy! Wish I had known you then and gotten in lots of trouble with you. LOL

Lisa Ciaravino

How fun......thanks for sharing the memories


it's so much fun to look back on old photos. didn't we all do really dumb stuff growing up? i know i did too! youre not alone. LOL

Sue W

My grandfather raised cattle, so there was alway salt in his barn. I'd eat the salt like you ate the horse's sugar!

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