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June 05, 2012


Cathy Morrison

Hi Christy. Hun, I am taking one of your courses and I have a Blog follower who recently won a giveaway I was holding. I have been speaking with her and I know in her heart she would love LOVE to take your Living Canvas Workshop. So I want to purchase it for her, and be sure it goes to her email addy. Can we do that?

ReNae Allen

First of all, Happy Anniversary! It is commendable to stay in a marriage that long, and to still be in love! Priceless! I wanted to tell you a tidbit about alcohol inks. I saw the coolest video on them, the gal squirted some ink on some glossy paper, then used a straw and blew on the ink. It made the coolest little amoeba-looking shapes! Try this, remember they work best on non-porous surfaces. Loving your art work too! I can't wait to see the large work of art when it's finished!


Your canvas is sooo beautiful! Love all those bright colours. And I'm so looking forward to following the progress on your new art project.
Lots of love

juliette crane

love seeing all of those colors on that canvas! and so flattered to have a painting of mine in your home...thank you for sharing so much inspiration!


Andrea Moreau

Love the 30 day idea...I love big canvas and this idea strikes a cord. love that you are recording it too. Even though you are skipping a few days I think you should still stick to doing just a bit on it for 30 total days. Good luck.


Your art is beautiful! I can't wait to see pics of your house. I love new/old houses!!!

Jen Clark

Oh, Christy - I just love your canvases, and I ditto what someone else said above me - I can literally hear your voice as I am reading your posts. You write just like you talk...just bubbling over with life!!! I love it! And I totally understand what you mean about letting go of the answering your emails...that would be so hard for me too...but try to think of it as an opportunity that God is giving Melanie, too, in addition to freeing you up a bit of time so you can focus on other things. I'm so excited for you and Ben to be able to go to Puerto Rico together this time - I hope you have a wonderful time together, and I'm glad he'll be there to support you when you are wiped out at the end of the day! ;)

Kelly W.

WOW!!! Those canvases are AWESOME -- I can't wait to see the big one finished -- waaaayyyy cool!


Have a great timeā€¦as someone who has a chronic illness (Ehlers Danlos) that is similar to Fibro, I know that you must be exhausted with all the work, traveling, and family you have been dealing with this year. I hope PR is a terrific experience for you and Ben.


Christy your work is amazing just amazing! I love the bright colors...I just love how you were inspired by Mindy's class but put your own Christy spin on it. I feel so grateful to both you and Mindy because after taking your workshops, I finally feel like my art is coming together - I take bits from She Art and Three Hearts and mixed media kits and merge it with Paint your story and it is so amazing...I am also excited for your new house & studio and that you got an assitant! woohoo! HUGS!!!!! Nancie

Liane Townsend

Love your huge gorgeous canvases!!! They are gorgeous and will really make your new/old house your home! I can't believe that you hired and assistant. I am so proud of you for taking such good care of you. She will be an extension of you, so don't worry your pretty head about it none. lol I know Art is sooo proud of you too. Enjoy your trip/class with the tiny group, NOT, and your hubby. Happy Anniversary! xo

Joanne Freeman

Oh I love how you write your blog posts. I read it and can partically hear your voice. You are delightful and so real and it is incredibly refreshing and inspiring to me. Thankyou. I have loved all your classes and learnt so much. As I am from Australia I appreciate the on-line opportunities to learn art and other things. I also wanted to say how impressed I am with your on-line shop. I have been amazed at how soon I receive my items. From USA to Australia less than 2 weeks. very cool. Anyway I hope one day you will be able to come to Australia and teach as I would love to meet you in person and just give you a big hug. Love all you are doing and sharing. Jo

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