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June 27, 2012


Candles Votive

Wonderful blog post! I'd love to read more. :)


Just one,word ..... You're amazing. I can't believe I didnt know you before, I love your art.

Wendy Hernandez

I am one of those unlucky ones who was not able to watch the episode last night. I already promised to myself that there should be no time that I will be late anymore or be absent from watching.

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I love all your art and creations and the way you are "YOU" in all your videos and online work shops.
I hope one of these days I will get to meet you in person!
Keep on being you.....

Eczema Free Forever

Good choose to wright about this. Even if it’s not a surprising new thing. Next to that it is more the way how yore view on it is. I’m glad not everyone has the same way off writing about it. So thanks a lot i enjoyed it.

Dorothy Baker

It's good that you love everything about the show. I am your fan since you've started. You really look fun on TV!

Accounting Recruitment

Nice photos! This is really a very cool post. I love it so much! Really amazing.

Giana Forzareli

This is a great post! It must have been a very exciting event. I was unaware that Micheal's hosted craft war shows. When did this start? I am jealous that you were able to find great images for your blog. I will keep my ear to the ground for the next craft wars. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work!

Annie EFerris

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My daughter and I Have been dvr'ing the Craft Wars and tonight we finally watched the first one... I knew I recognized you right away. We've met at a couple different events in Minnesota and Chicago!
Your bag was SO CUTE and cool. Love the balls on the handle. Congrats on being on the show!

pye squire

I watched craft wars and you rocked and Ben was great I loved LOVED your Bus ! It was so creative lots of fun to watch !


Finally got to watch your episode of Craft Wars....awesome, of course I think you should have won! And I just ordered from your sister's skin care skin and breakouts have been terrible the last 2-3 years and nothing has helped and I've spent way more than her prices (before the kind discount). I'm going to take before and after photos....
Thanks for the recommendation!

Dolisa Winkelman

My 14 year old daughter and I have been following your blog for some time. We followed one of your tutorials and our art came out amazing! I am ready to embark on another project and have come to you for inspiration.
When I saw your post about Craft Wars, I quickly VODed it. We all watched it this morning. Emma and I laughed at one point and told the rest of the family :Christy is like a close personal friend of ours!" You were amazing. We loved your playhouse. It was so you! You have your own unique style. We think your fantastic!
Dolisa and Emma
PS we LOVE wake surfing too! We just stared this summer- so fun!

Pam Crusberg

I really loved your school bus and thought that, if it were my kid, that's the one she would pick. And she doesn't even ride the bus to school! You did great!

Sheri E.

I was watching Craft Wars and didn't pay attention obviously to the intros of everyone because partway through I'm like, "I know her!" Well, know as in I've seen you and follow your products. Great job. Your school bus was so YOU, and that's what being a crafter is all about. It represented your style and look.

Camilla Prewitt

I'm new to your blog but just happened to see the Craft Wars show you were on. You rocked!! I'm in love with your multi media canvas work. Spent the last few days working on a seascape canvas using all your tricks. Love, love, love it!! Went to a local scrapbooking store and got the last two packages of your doodle rub ons. I'm a card maker but I've found a new love. Thanks!!

Mod Podge Amy

Christy, you are a class act and always have been! I have said from since before the show even aired that I wouldn't be able to be on it - so much pressure - so I give you credit for even trying. And all that Mod Podge . . . . amazing! ;D

Mary Werner

I loved the blue curvy paint trim around the top of the bus AND the fact it wasn't a house was so creative! Sure fun to watch and I was pulling for you and hubby!

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