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June 27, 2012


ReNae Allen

I was not as happy as I wish I was with the show. Especially the way the judges treated you contestants and each other. I was so upset I wrote about it on my blog here!
You are so positive and inspiring and I hope you know that it was clear as a bell who's project was the winner! I can see tons of kids having a ball in your bus! I loved it! And you!
ReNae in Kansas


Just watched the episode.. Loved your bus. Keep your doodles.


Just ordered the skincare products - can't wait to try. :) Thank you for the discount code - huge savings! xo


I loved your bus! It was so much more fun than the cookie cutter school house. I dont have cable, but Itunes had the episode free to down load! Love your art!

Angela Nebinger

I too can't get the code to work for Muvazi.. looking forward to giving it a try will try again tomorrow.

Catherine Pooler

I don't have cable tv at home, so I've never seen Craft Wars before. We are on vacation and the kids turned to TLC and as soon as I heard "Craft Wars", my ears perked right up. Then when I saw YOU I almost fell out! I was so excited!
My kids unanimously voted that the BUS won! The schoolhouse was absolutely darling, but they wanted to PLAY in your bus! Great job, I can't imagine being on that show...must have been fun and stressful at the same time.

bedroom first

Hello there
It is a very nice blog post!! I read your article and I think your blog will be one of the bests, if you keep up the good work!


Was so happy to see you on Craft Wars! We loved the inside of your bus-I asked 2 of my kids who watched with me which one they liked (before the vote) and they both liked yours! Oh well...

I've used Muvazi since you posted about it lat time about, 5 months, and love it! My skin looks great, feels so soft & my crows feet honestly show less.

Kelly L

Loved watching you on the show - you are adorable, and your work is great! All of the interactive things on the inside of the playhouse were inspired!

Valerie Serfozo

I recorded the episode, too, and had no idea you were going to be on there. I recognized you right away. What a fun show. I just want to know why a bus can't have swirls along the top of it? Swirls and scallops make everything look more fun!

Gloria Stengel

My 16 yo daughter and I just watched the show. She was excited that you were "the she art lady"! She enjoyed my house canvas that I made in your class at CKU San Diego. I was so happy she knew who you were since she is NOT a paper crafter! We both were rooting for you and happy you were true to your Christy Style! The little house that won was adorable, but it was just what you'd expect someone to make with school supplies. You were super creative, as always! Well done!

Debbie O'Neal

You know we love you and your work...but got robbed !! Your design both inside and outside were head and shoulders above Cheryl in my humble opinion. While her house looked good on the outside...there wasn't a dang thing for kids to do on the inside..WHICH IS THE POINT OF A "PLAY" HOUSE in my opinion. Kids will go inside anything without caring about the outside just to see what's inside but once there they will only stay if there is something to interest them and do.
I think the judges were kind of weird in their opinions but as you say...there is so much editing it is hard to tell what is really going on. SO BRAVE OF YOU TO BE ONE OF THE FIRST ON THE SHOW !! LOve your creativity always!!!!

Theresa @DearCreatives

Congrats on being on the show! I think it is quite an accomplishment to put yourself out there & go for it! I kept saying to myself the whole time, why does she look so familiar & didn't read or catch the names as I came into the show late & then I realized it was you! lol I have read your blog on & off, enjoyed seeing your art & wanted to take a class but, haven't had the chance. Anyhow, I don't usually comment but had to give you a shout out! Have a great time & enjoy your summer. Keep inspiring Theresa


thanks Christy, just ordered the skincare ! xxx

Lori Boyd

I dvr-ed the just now watching and I was like "HEY, wait a minute...I know her!!!" Bravo Girl I loved your projects!! Bravo!! Hugs-LORi


The show was great-y'all were great on the show - the school house was great on the outside - but it's like they said what were the kids supposed to do on the inside? I loved the school bus - it was great all over!!! You inspire me sooooo much!!

Nancy Gaumer

I was sooo excited that you were a part of that show. Have seen you so much on mycraftchannel and other things that I felt a friend was on the show. As an early childhood professor, I loved your house best of course. You guy were soooo great.

Denise Foor

Loved you on the show. I called out to my DH..."Oh, I know her". He laughed when I explained that I check your blog several times a week. You did an amazing job on the show and it was fun to watch! Thanks for some fun TV time.

Gale C. Lewis

I was rooting for you the whole time! I am glad that you had fun and got a few moments to shine in the public eye!

Barb Thompson

Just got done watching craft wars! You rock Christy. Love your style and loved the bus!! You did a great job on it. You got robbed!! I didn't think crafting was supposed to be perfect! Anyway your style really came through. You did a great job. Love your products and just bought some of your stamps from Unity!! Love them. Keep creating girl!!!

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