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June 13, 2012



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Magaly Alvarez

Hi, I was one of the 450 in the PR event, we had a messy blast. Just fun, fun, fun. Thanks for everything, I'm just hooked with the arty mess. Hope to see you again!


yes, Beau means handsome or beautiful.. it depends what you're taking about ;) This puppy is awesome!

Gutsy Arts Girl

Love all kinds of things you say do and share...but this little puppy...there is a winner for sure!!!! soooooooooo cute.

Vicki Boutin

Love the puppy!!!! So cute!!!

Love that wallpaper!!! You are so good! I need to check out all that you have been up to. You inspire me in so many ways.

Good seeing you in PR! Say "Hi" to Ben!!!


I had to read that sentence twice - 450 people! Well, you don't do anything by halves, do you? I read your blog all the time and wonder how you fit everything in.

Will be nice for you to take some time out - although renovating a house isn't relaxing if our experience is anything to go by :)


Beau is soooooooooooo darlin!!! Thanks for sharing his pic with us.


I confirm : "beau" means handsome in French. But you could have called him "mignon" which means cute, but it would to hard to pronounce it, I think.

Kelly W.

YAY for the new puppy!!!! What a cutie!!! Enjoy the next several months at home -- and working on that awesome new home!!!


Glad your home!! Beau is adorable. I'm sure Allie is in heaven with him!! WOW is she growing up fast. Hardly recognized her in the pic's with her puppy. She is gorgeous!!!!


Thank you Christy!! ...for the amazing projects at the PR Scrapbook Event but mostly thank you for being so sweet and nice with all of us!! I really enjoyed your workshop even when I was just helping in the friday class. Everyone loved it! I hope you can come back soon! :-)

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