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June 11, 2012


Здравсвуй, Побратанец! Хочу тебя пригласить на сайт . Стойком на его главной странице ты сможешь получить книгу, бесплатно!

juliette crane

this is so fun to see your work from PYS! Can't wait for HTPAO :)

Dana Loffland

Chrisy, I took your She Art class, then Juliette Crane's How to Paint an Owl, &I now Mindy Murphy Lacefield's Paint Your Story. Your girl & background are amazing! Congratulations! I hope you will join the facebook page! It's a group of supportive & brave & generous artists sharing work done in the class, but we also have continued to post & support each other now that the live clasz is over. Come on over - we'd love to have you.


Totally Beautiful, Christy. I took this class in its live version and was blown away by Mindy's techniques and the art created by her students. I second Nolwenn and say, join the Facebook group. It's such a supportive place. You'll love How to Paint an Owl and I suggest How to Paint a Girl too. I'm an ecourse addict though. I've taken a lot of yours which are of course, awesome!


I love the little girl...her face is precious!
Besides taking Living Canvas (with you!!) I'm about to start Flora Bowley's class.
I just bought the same indian girl print for my studio!!

Dana Nichols

Beautiful and fun! So glad you are taking some time to nurture your creative spirit! I have to tell you, it was through your She Art class that the desire to paint and create returned to me after being dormant for so long. I began to make creating every day a priority! It was an amazing class and I look forward to taking more!


I have to say the girl that you painted really looks like YOU...not just your art style but her eyes really capture your sweet self. Nicely done :-D


I am in Mindy's class and it's freaking amazing ! Please Christy, if you can, join her Facebook «class page», this is so nice. Everyone shares and helps out and inspires each other. Would be nice to have you there :)
I love the canvas you've created.
It was important to me to integrate her teachings into my own process and style.
I love what Juliette is creating from this class too, it's fantastic.


Oh, she is such a cutie! I love all the colors. Super inspiring! :-)
And I agree, both Mindy Lacefield and Juliette Crane are really inspiring artists.


Love it! So different, but so fun!


Love how you put your style in with her style. Well done Christy :)

Ann Marie

Wow --- that is SO cool! Now you know how excited WE all get to take YOUR classes!

Julia Spencer

Yeah... For inspiration. ;) I'm taking an online class too. It's a Flora Bowley Class. I'm so excited to open up my horizons and expand my creativity.

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