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June 25, 2012


Riverside County

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How exciting. I have been looking forward to see the show, and now it will be better.
Congratulations to christy.

Lisa Richardson

So I gotta tell you that I don't really watch TV so I haven't seen Craft Wars but I had to go watch your episode. It was awesome! I loved your bag the best. Your play house was awesome too. I think ultimately It came down to personal style/taste and not everybody gets the "messy look". BTW I think you scored major points with all your interactive ideas. Please don't let them get you down or let them make you think you are less than you are. We are all unique and you have awesome style. All in all I think it was very close.

Jan Connair

I had to DVR the show and am just watching it now. You are so cute on there--upbeat and a good sport, too! Love the way your school bus playhouse turned out. Your opponent did have a really cute design as well, but I think you had a more well thought out plan for the whole package so that it was entertaining inside and out. Judging is so subjective, though. Glad you had fun and aren't upset that you didn't end up "winning."

P.S. I still have my SheArt girl on my art desk, and I love that, because of your workshop, I made art that I look at practically every day and am proud of!

What a Beautiful Mess

Christy, You know we all love you!!! I loved your bus and I loved every detail!!! I was so stressed out the whole time I was watching! Ouch those judges can be really mean. I thought you house was better hands down. They had nothing to do in the other house. Ps I loved the scallop on the bus.

Diane Kirtley

I really thought if I were a child and let's face it who else goes in a playhouse, I would of picked yours in a heartbeat!
There was absolutely nothing to do in the other play house and yes it was cute and very nicely done on the outside however it wasn't as heartfelt as yours. Loved the bus idea! Who better to design a playhouse than a mother of how many kids do you have?
I really was disappointed. It was a no brainer. We needed to let the kids decide.

Joni Parker

I watched the show last night.... and sought you out today. (I'm a scrapbooker, so I regconized you immediately on the show and you're the talk of message boards today)-- I just wanted you to know that your bus was darling, "finished" and would be the playhouse that all kids would love to play in. Talk is going on on message boards all over about what a great job you did!! Just wanted you to know that you have tons of love and support out there!!


I missed the begining of the show, but kept thinking is that Christy? It looks like her, it crafts like her, can that really be her.....I loved it! The show was a blast to watch, and a bag in an hour... oh my, that is HARD. I loved the bus. My daughter watched it with me, and said The girl who made the bus reminds of you. ha ha ha of course because I am a Christy wanna be


My kids and I just finished watching together, and they want YOUR playhouse! You made a funland! :) Hey, it's TV, though, not reality. We're my youngest said, "Messy IS crafty!" So there. How much fun!


The only reason I tuned in last night was because I saw you were on! Wanted to see your crafty brilliance in action ... and I wasn't disappointed! Decoupage? Wow, girl ... that was so ambitious ... and so YOU! Completely LOVED your school bus inspiration ... those pesky doors, the wheel detail ... and your use of school supplies ... all of it VERY creative! I was so impressed with all your interior details and your focus on the 'function' of the playhouse. Your's was so much more than a cute decoration! I agree completely with Rutie ... they should have let the kiddo's choose the winner!

You'll always be the winner in MY book!! xoxox


you were robbed! yours was much more fun and playful! they should have let the kids pick which one they would have wanted to play in! :)

Joanne Keminen

You did amazing!!!! Was rooting for you all the way! What a fun show!

fay copeland

darn. i missed it. does anyone know if they will rerun the show. fay


I loved your tote bag idea. I don't know the rules of the competition but I didn't think it was fair the lady that didn't complete her item was allowed to even advance to the next round. While the school house on the outside was good it was boring on the inside. I loved all the activities you had for the kids to do with your school bus. In the judge's eyes you may not have won, but I think you did a great job.


FANTABULOUS tote & playbus you created, you're a winner to me! you've got so many ideas & skills, and i thank you much for all that you share, blest be :)

Just wanted to let you know it was awesome to see you on Craft Wars yesterday! You rocked that school bus! So fun and cute! I loved the whimsy look of it!

Cindy deRosier

LOVED what you made! The judges had a tough job, as all three (six) of you were amazingly, inspirationally creative and talented. I hope there's a redemption episode so you can be back and win!

J. Moon

Girl you were so robbed you totally WON that! Your play house so rocked I wanted to go play in it just sayin. I'm sending you 10,000 hugs sorry I don't have $10,000.00 to give lol :)Have a great day!


Great work on the show Christy! Loved that you took your passion onto the show and used it in the challenges!! I'm not surprised that they selected you for the first episode, you have a wonderful creative presence!!!

Donna L

Watched the show last night, it was awesome to watch you and Ben create, sorry you didn't win the $$ - I felt like your playhouse had a lot more interactive options for the kids. Anyway, you're a winner to me!

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