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June 25, 2012



Just watched Craft Wars! Christy you were amazing. I don't know if I can think that fast on my feet. It was wonderful to see you in action! Sorry you didn't win but just being on the show and doing it was fanstastic! I love you bus especially all the stuff for the kids to do.


Loved the show !! My husband was sure you would win ... your bus was filled with wonderful things to do & explore. The other project was well crafted but not as fun for kids. Yours was art and funfilled !! I think it came down to craft vs. art - and not everyone gets art. You did yourself proud !!!

Amy Smith

Oh my.......I loved watching you! Like someone else said......they do not understand mixed media!!! I loved how creative your school bus was.....totally awesome! It was really cool seeing a familiar face!!

Taryn @ Design, Dining + Diapers

Hi Christy! I just watched you on Craft Wars and had to look you up! So glad I found your blog. Your playhouse was amazing and I love what you did with it! What an intense show! I think you did awesome. Way to go and congrats on making it on the show.


Cathe Holden

You. Were. FABULOUS!

Camille Larson / Garden Gnome Arts

I really loved your playhouse! Great job :)


Go, Christy! WE get what you were's all mixed up because it's MIXED media! And there are suppossed to be wrinkles in the paper...that's how we like it! Your bus was adorable and so much fun. I give it the kindergarten teacher stamp of approval!

Nancy LeB

you won ARTIST wars! beautiful, cool , practical - well done!

DeAnn Bahr

One more 8 yr old daughter had the best idea tonight after watching this show. She said they should have had the kids pick the winning house. Now doesn't that sound like a great idea?? The judges should have thought of that! Toodles for now, DeAnn

DeAnn Bahr

Christy, okay, you totally should have won Craft Wars. I'm not just saying that because I follow your blog and you inspire me all the time either. They asked for a PLAYhouse. Yours was clearly a PLAYhouse inside and out. I loved all your whimsical ideas and I really loved the outside as well. I watched it with my 3 daughters and we all said you should have won! What a bummer! I ended up placing an order on your website, including your bro's cd. Love his music!! I'm a HUGE fan of yours! Thanks for all your inspirations! DeAnn Bahr

Ramee Kirkland

I felt like a PROUD SISTER watching you on the Craft Wars tonight! You and Ben did amazing! You had my vote completely! My kids preferred the play school bus too!! It was the definition of WHIMSICAL and FUN!! You ROCK Christy!!! If I was rich I would buy that playhouse from you for 10 thousand dollars!!!


Omg! I thought you would have done. I so enjoyed it. When you were working on the school bus I kept telling my daughters "there see how she doodles". I loved it and like one of the other comments saw you I. The previews and thought is that christy? I have got to watch! I am so glad I did I loved it.


I literally just saw you on there! I came in late but I was like "is that Christy?!" But when I saw the wall mural I knew it was you. Don't know how you didn't win!


Congrats Christy. I think you did a fabulous job and am glad I was not a judge. In the end they went for cuteness and not function. I think they should have had kids judge as yours was filled with kid activities that kids could in fact play with. I chuckled as the judges poo poo'd your Mod Podge...hello!!!! Kids love Mod Podge and that should have been taken into account. I think you did fabulous and having your husband at your side was great. You guys are a great team. Congrats, you were a winner in my book.


Awww, I love, love, love your school bus. I think there was so much for the kids to do and really nothing to do in the school house. :o( You definitely had my vote.
Hugz, Z

Kim T

First of all ... congrats on putting yourself out there!! Second, the show was not at all what I thought it would be and you were not only misunderstood, but it was all about the drama with the judges!! It wasn't about the art.
The other artist did a great job, it was a tough challenge, but the whole premise of the show wasn't crafting, it wasn't art ... it was just weird.
Bottom line ... you were a fabulous sport and Ben was awesome!
I hope you had FUN because when all is said and done, that's what matters.

Laura @Ms Smartie Pants

Ok, you have to know I just put my tv on pause to come and write this, (I don't know who won yet) I am yelling at the tv when they are saying you used "too many things", I'm thinking if you listened to them you would never be the amazing ARTIST,that you are!!! Your bus is adorable and fun and whimsical! If this is how they are going to act, (mean spirited) I don't know if I can watch this show!!!! Not to take anything away from the other lady, hers was adorable too! I'm glad I wasn't judging!!! It was exciting to see you, I had no idea you were on, I recognized your voice first, how cool!

Ruthie Carlson

So much fun watching you tonight! You were amazing! I know I'm a "Christy" fan but the bus was fabulous! The scallop? Fabulous detail and your signature! At the end of the show I saw Tori's kids run into the winning playhouse and just stand there! So funny, nothing to do when they got in there! If children had picked the winner (since it was a kids house) Yours would have won hands down. They could have spent hours in your bus....I could have too! Great job! Fun watching you!

Wanda H

Christy, I'm so sorry you didn't win!! I LOVE your school bus with all it's fabulous things for kids to do!!! Way cool!!! Your bag was wonderful too!!!

Cathy Wegner

They obviously don't understand mixed media!

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