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July 06, 2012


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I won't wish the wish you wish to wish.

Danette Munn

Can I move in??? We could be Sister Wives, but , instead of sharing a husband we could share a house and craft ideas???LOL


Wonderful times with family and your house is amazing!!!

Kelly W.

I LOVE this first photo of that space!!! I am so excited for you and your family. How awesome. And I have to say I am jealous of that big fluffy load of cotton candy :) Glad you had an awesome week with your family!

Camille Morris

Aren't you going to mention making the cover of Somerset Studio Gallery? Your work has inspired a whole new art realm for me.

Sue W.

I think next July 4th, I'm coming to your new/old house so you can adopt me!

Leah Jarrell

Had a blast! Love you sis!


Wow, you truly look like you had a wonderful and certainly well deserved week! No apologies necessary! Enjoy life and family every chance that you can!

logan wilhlem

Looks like such fun and brings back memories of our kids and being out on the lakes in our boat water skiing. Happy for your family visit and all the exciting things you are doing together. Hugs and Happy Summer wishes for you all!

Judy in Huntsville - AL

Never apologize for taking time to BE PRESENT - [name of my blog - lol] Love that you call corndogs pronto pups!! My mom is the only one I've ever known to do that!! [And just like me - she was born & raised in the South - lol] Enjoy!


It's so great spending time with the family! God Bless you and your family!!! Congratulations for the new/old house, millions of blessing in this new adventure, because each new house have a lot of adventures!!!

A big hug from Puerto Rico!!!

Linda Robison

Christy that house is like from a movie!!!! I can't believe it's yours - please flood us with photos and I just love to see you so happy and your family in bliss - makes me happy too. hugs and love.

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