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July 24, 2012


Bev Victory

Just saw this post - I didn't see the show, but just reading your post I know your bus was awesome! It's because of women like you and Junelle and so many more that I'm no longer afraid to just play with art! I love that nothing is wrong or right but just art! What's funny about your post is that I loved all of the typos etc. Thought to myself, wow, I wish I would just type on my blog and not worry about the spelling etc., but just share my heart, my dreams, my art! You always make me smile and I love you and your art! Thanks for being you.


greetings, christy...

i am new here. took a chance on ur button over on some other site.

i like it here.u try new things, show us, write about it, goof up, let us see it, create new (!) stuff and let us see that, 2.
i am grateful.

i think i have about 15 years on u. my oldest child, a son, is now 20. i used to play art w/ he and his sister for many, many years. Yes, ur darling, Noah has a knack for it alright...something to foster.

in time, he will come full circle & truly love these minutes/hours spent painting,doodling, glueing,taping, coloring...his creative gene seeds may not manifest as a poet or mixed media-ist, but may bloom in his journey as a disease-fighting scientist,amusement park architect or even a problem-solving politician. u r giving all of ur children, as well as every visitor to your blog... the capabilities to soar as creatives. thanks for leading the way down the path. (esp.for those in all areas of the world :))



Oh, sweet, sweet Christy! Your school bus playhouse was the bomb diggity! There was so much meaning behind it. If I remember correctly, you did a school bus because it had a special memory for you and your kids. That alone made it priceless! With crafting and art usually comes a lot of HEART with it. I must confess, I have already stopped watching Craft Wars. The negativity was just killing me, and that was only after two episodes! And all the building! What the heck? It seemed like there was more building than crafting, lol, it was not at all what I was expecting, and I certainly was not expecting three judges to be sitting there and judging the contestants on whether they used the products the way they personally do, when art and crafting is all about shaking things up and doing things many different ways. How boring our world would be if we all did everything exactly the same. All of the judges comments made me feel bad for all the crafters involved. I love Tori Spelling, but her little stint where she has to walk around and evaluate what everyone is doing and rattle their nerves on what they are doing wrong, instead of what they are doing right, well, that was pretty much the straw that broke the camels back for me. I feel like that show is missing the fun factor, which is what I need to watch it. However, watching you on TV doing what YOU do BEST was thrilling! You stayed true to YOU and that is what is most important, and that, my friend, is what we all love about you!

Michelle Hambly

Christy, you are an inspiration. Everytime I create I always wonder if it is good or right. I always keep reminding myself there is no right or wrong way with ART. It is your personal thoughts, imagination - it is who you are. My daughter loves to create when I create especially with mixed media. She is 9 - she always stumbles at the start as to what to do. I always encourage her to do whatever she feels to create. Trying big time to bolster her confidence - I keep telling her there is no right or wrong. So to get back on track - YOU ARE SO RIGHT!

Kim Fisher-Anctil

I really enjoyed this post and am soooo thankful you mentioned the comments of the judges on Craft Wars. I was really looking forward to this show but have been taken aback by the comments. They seem to use the word 'perfect' or 'right' a lot! I agree with you also about the way they ding someone for not using a product in the 'correct' way. I've been very disappointed with this show mainly because, as you said, art is so different from other things like cooking or baking. Especially mixed media! As so many others have already said, I loved what you did. It was fun, whimsical and out of the box. Really, isn't that what they were really asking for? To think out of the box?

Someone else commented on how they were taught when younger - coloring inside the lines, using things as they were supposed to be used. I could sooo relate to this! It's only as I've gotten older that I've learned, and continue to learn each day, that just isn't so. I greatly admire your freedom and am always inspired to go outside the lines. Thank you for that Christy!

Jen Clark

Wow, Christy. This post was so right on. I am so so proud of you - b/c I felt exactly the same way about your school bus - I LOVED it, and I couldn't understand why you didn't!!! I love you for how you've opened up my mind and heart to so many possibilities and different ways of seeing things in life...whether in art or otherwise...and I could never ever begin to put into words the impact you've had in my life. It's a bit strange, in this world of technology, how big of an impact someone can have on our lives, through a computer screen (or an iPad screen!)...but it so totally happens! I just love you to pieces and always will!!

Janet Meslovich

Just would add one thing about the Craft Wars program--after the show you were on they pictured the kids playing in the playhouse that had won (which was lovely, :) . I would bet any amount of money, though, if they had let the kids choose a playhouse they would have made a beeline for Christy's for sure. It had so many cool activities that the kids would have loved and used their imaginations to build on and that is the object of a *play* house after all... :)

vicki boutin

I love you Christy.
I am thankful that I have gotten to know you better. Sitting here a dork.


Thank you for saying that the one thing you don't like about Craft Wars is the criticisms and what appears to be put downs by the judges. I thought the same exact thing....I mean, really...not nice! The only reason why I watched was because of you. Kudos to the gal who won. I haven't watched it since.


I let my 4-yr-old son watch the first episode of CRAFT WARS a few days ago. He got really into it and absolutely LOVED your school bus. He wanted to me to "buy it" for him. When the judges didn't choose your school bus as the winner, he got so upset that I was shocked. Big fat tears pouring down his cheeks. He pointed at the judges and yelled, "I don't like those crafty ladies!!!"

In the end, the point of the challenge was to make a playhouse that children would love being in. My child chose YOUR playhouse. And he got so upset when it didn't win that my husband told him he couldn't watch CRAFT WARS any more unless he calmed down. Who knew the show would have such an effect on a preschooler?

Keep doing what you do, Christy!!!


This post says it all and you completely won my heart here. I saw Craft Wars and kept thinking I know her until almost the end when you kept saying your trademark love it, love it, love it! Then I went oh yeah, she's one of my 21secrets workshops!! I've watched tons of your videos and they really inspire me to just do it with the art supplies, but this post completely won my heart, for your honesty about the bus but even more your honesty about how you feel about the creative process, your passion for this thing we do and call art. I feel really blessed to have come across you and your way of working and teaching. I am too OCD to not keep my supplies neat but I' seeing that keeping the supplies neat should not override creating the art that only I can make. So, love you love you, LOVE YOU!!! Thank you for being YOU because you help the rest of us be ourselves, too.

Kim T

And that is exactly why I don't watch Craft Wars anymore ... they don't get it AT ALL - I wanted to love it, but it's just too scripted and stiff. As you point out time/time again, art is about freedom, not rules ... keep on keepin' on Christi b/c you have been such an inspiration to me in so many ways, but the no. # thing is to not be afraid, embrace the mistakes ... it's just a project:) .... love this post and your courage to put it all out there! Kim


Honestly? My 12 year old daughter and I LOVE to watch your videos! We were both very excited to see you compete on Craft WArs and very disappointed that you didn't 'win'. And when it was over..I said to my dd: The problem is that Christy is more of an ARTIST than a CRAFTER and those judges just didn't 'get it'...

Lisa Ciaravino

OK #1: I agree that the judge's should not be telling contestants that they are using a product in the wrong way, whoever thought flip flops would be used in paintings!Hello....that's being creative. #2: I wish I would have learned to "color outside the lines" back when I was a little girl because not only does that effect your creative mind it also effects your everyday life of having to be "perfect" in other's eyes. #3: Christy, I hope you realize how many lives you touch with your art, personality, wisdom, compassion etc, shows by the young girl H. What an inspiration !!!!! and I hope H continues at this young age to learn it's ok not to "color in the lines" and shares her love of art with everyone. I know you have helped me not only in my creativity but in my heart as well !!!! thanks for being you !!!


Thank you Christy for your wonderful post! You have inspired me so much on your blog and in your on-line classes. I have just started doing mixed media art this year, but feel like it is what I was meant to do. I love that you don't have to be perfect when doing mexed media art. Whenever I make an accidental drip or splatter on my page I think of your videos when you say "oh well, I guess that's the way it was meant to be". You don't seem bothered by that at all. Just letting go of rules and creating is what I love about mixed media, and about you and your art! This post also reminds me that my art doesn't have to appeal to everyone! It bothers me sometimes that my friends or family just don't get it, but thats okay!! I will just keep enjoying your posts and videos, and finding other people that love mixed media as much as I do!! Thank you for being such an inspiration!!


Christy, Just had to write to tell you how very much I admire you! I love your work and simply couldn't get over your video with your son....simply amazing. He's adorable! I loved your was so clever and so much fun. Loved the many fun things for kids. Until I discovered you and Donna Downey I've tried to let loose as you do. It's taken me some time. I grew up learning to color inside the lines, to use things as they were "supposed" to be used. I started art journaling and am having so much fun using all the fun stuff that is out there. I've learned so much from you. I love to watch your freedom with your art.
You are an inspiration to me!


Chrity~always inspiring! Thank you for your words and your art!!

By the way, I have probably just missed reading it somewhere, but can someone tell me if you've said what happened to the bus? Where did it end up after the show??

Thanks so much!

Anna Pontikis

Christy such beautiful confirmation from all those you inspire to continue to do what you do and how you do it. Everytime I watch you on video I want to just break out the supplies and play. I also usually crack up laughing at how you use your hands a lot, so cool and just totally giving the rest of us permission to do the same. xo


Hi, I am D from craftilemma. a friend of H ..You are a beautiful person and ur work is so inspiring.Your blog made me realize tha living in pakistan,I dont need all those fancy supplies.Art isnt about that.Its about creating with what you have and I hope someday, I can be like you, my role model.

Kristal Norton

Wow. I have never read such a long post so intently. lol ;0) You and your fans are simply amazing. I agree with everything you've said. Art is just an extension of your soul, and no one is perfect. Art can't be perfect, because everyone is different, and everyone views the world differently.

I did love the school house playhouse, and I can see why the judges chose it. But it felt a little commercial to me. I could definitely see it being displayed in a store. But it wasn't inspiring, it wasn't truly creative, and it showed no peek within the designer's soul.

Yours on the other hand, I could see children playing in for hours. It was SO YOU. Your heart and soul went into every inch. You could spend hours just looking at it. THAT is creativity.

OH and I just loved reading the letter you received from "H". It must lift you up to feel the love and influence you have on even the little ones!

You are one amazing woman Christy!

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