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July 30, 2012



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Hi Christy, I have just discovered your site (fabulous!) and was wondering about this Bracelet classes and if you ever repeat these kits for late starters like me? Or, do you have other bracelet classes and kits this year? I notice that the class is open til August but I guess the kits sold out. Can the class be taken easily without your kit? Sorry for the questions - I'll get with the program soon :) Thanks

Robert Gauthier
Cool website buddy I am gona suggest this to all my list of contacts.


So I signed up. How do I get the class?


I am trying to find the kits for this class are they already sold out? oh No..... I signed up but some how missed the kits.


I can't find the kits listed


Shari Garner

Christy....I just signed up for this class. Can't wait for it to begin. I do hope there will be sufficient kits for everyone...definitely want one of those! Looks like so much fun.


Signed up last week, and have not gotten any resonse or anything in my e-mail for confirmation. Also looking today for the kits, where are they?????


where i can buy the kit? Thanks!


I cant find the kit online. Anyone?

susan lew

I signed up and really want the kit. Can't wait to start making bracelets!


Woohoo. I'm signed up:)

Tracey L Edwards

I'd love to sign up for this class, but when I click on the link, it takes me straight to PayPal sign-in. Is this the proper link? I am very wary of anything that redirects me to a payment window with nothing but the name of a product, which could be hijacked by anyone to trick me into signing in to my payment info without identifying the product with the website or requiring me to sign in to the product's website. Very scary!! I'd also like to pre-order a kit; from the comments, it looks like a potential problem. Kind of nervous about this course, but I definitely want to sign up as soon as possible. Love ya!! - Tracey

kay burnett

i am sooo excited about this new class! my 7yo saw the email i printed out as a reminder to order the kit and he went bonkers!!!! my little man loves art, all kinds of art (runs in the family) and he asked me to sign him up - lol!!! so i had to say "we" were already signed up and waiting to order all the goodies. and i have to say i've been watching your hands/wrists in all of the on line classes and noticing all of your "artwear" and knew you had to be up to something :)

patti burchwell

Am so excited! What a fun summer project!!

michelle cochran-wells

Hi, Christy-
Is the site just down today. Tried to get on last night to purchase the August kit to no avail. None of your links are working except your external ones like the blog, etc. Help please!! Getting antsy for new artsy fartsy stuff! Love the new class. :)

Kim Kath

I'm signed up but when I click on the store link I get a totally different site, not your store at all totally weird I hope it's sorted so I can bag a kit, I think you'll need heaps Kristy, we are all excited by the looks

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