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July 16, 2012


Adidas Porsche Design S2

Maybe you have never really understand my existence.


Hi Christy,

I've just discovered you & your wonderful site. I purchased two sale workshops through pay pal . Now what? Do I simply wait for an e.mail from you I'm very new to all this.



Your new classes sound wonderful. So glad that you and Junelle will have another one.


I understand the summer stuff with kids!

Cathy Garrett

Christy, Have fun at CHA can't wait to here about it when you get back! Looking forward to your new classes coming up. Sounds like fun! I have been real busy myself this summer.

Nancy M-N

So glad you are offfering this class again in the fall. It will give me motivation to finish up She Art 2 and some projects I'm working on. Very excited to see what's coming into the store. Enjoy your summer!

Sandy Dehon

Oh how I love this art work. I can not join in this summer but I definitely want to this October.


Oh sounds like you are having a great summer. Excited to hear about the new classes coming. Need to finished up Living Canvas, finding it hard to work on this summer.


Have a wonderful time with your family...mine are across the US...and it is so enjoy!

Robin Norgren

so happy to see Junelle is teaching another class!

Linda Robison

Christy you sure are busy ;-) I love that you told us what the classes are going to be so we can save up and get's so frustrating when a blog says somethings coming and you're waiting with fingernails on the screen LOL....that was sweet of you. I am dying to see new photos of the new house too!!

Jen Clark

Have a GREAT time at CHA, Christy - wish I was going this time so I could see you again, but I'm not - but I'm so glad you are getting to spend so much time with your family this summer!!! GOOD for YOU!!! Looking forward to the new classes and the fun they hold! Cannot believe we're already looking towards the holidays...the time sure flies by! :) Luv ya!


New classes sound wonderful! Have fun at CHA and safe travels!

ana frazee

I'll be starting a Brave Girls class on 8-7, so I'm glad to hear that you'll be offering your class in October. Perfect timing for me. I love what's been created, makes me excited to join the next class.


Hope you have a great time at CHA. I would love to go again as it was so fun but mind boggling to see so much.
Can't wait to see what the new classes will be. I want to take them all, hope the money tree is producing. LOL

Ann Marie

The best part of this post? NEW CLASSES ARE COMING! NEW CLASSES ARE COMING!!! Yay!!!


Have fun at CHA ! I wish I would go someday :)
Can't wait to see what you'll get for the store. And when you have time, to know what is in July's Mixed Media kit <3

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