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August 20, 2012



just opened my box to my first mixed media kit from that I finally get to play have to imagine me doing my ‘happy’ dance as I write this:)

just love your truly inspire me!


I am just amazed at the creativity. Just finished watching the video and it was amazing to say the least. Keep up the great work. Always look forward to more ideas n the coming months.


Soooo inspired by this today and can't wait to incorporate many of these techniques in my own work

Love your stuff and your blog and you are just overall amazing:)


Scrappegal Sørlending

Noooooo! It's out of stock!!! :( Do you get some more of these kits???

Scrappegal Sørlending

FANTASTIC COOL canvas!!!! :) :) :)

Camille Morris

the moment i saw this art piece, I saw bleeding your's so inspirational!


Love it!!!


Trish Duncan

Thanks my friend, I had ordered your texture kit and did not really know how to use anything but punchenellas.. It was great to see you use so many of them.. THANK YOU


-You are an amazingly talented young lady. I love your blog and videos. I have been watching and dabbling into the mixed media artistry because of you. Where were you 40 years ago.

Art was so rule oriented, I just could never appreciate ART...when I was younger.

Never too late, look at Grandma Moses.

Kelly W.

I have to laugh because when I got my kit I was wondering WHAT you were going to create...I just couldn't "see" anything cohesive. So I'm watching your creation come to life and I'm just shaking my head because it's so dang CUTE! I'd love to have the amount of creativity in your pinky finger, girl! Cute, cute, cute!!

Dira Reeves

very cute! love the inspiration and the colors of course! Can't wait to delve into my kit!!

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