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August 27, 2012



This is so pretty! Thanks for sharing your idea and giving me some inspiration for the day!!! Love it :)

Larissa Heskett =)

LOVED the video!! THANKS For sharing and I can't wait for the New Workshops!! YEAH!!
I'm on bed rest and I am looking forward to having something to do ALL day besides just t.v and the internet!!


Great work! So inspiring! THank you for sharing!

karen goulet

I just watched this video today. I have to say that I just loved the whole thing...every single second of it. You are just so inspiring Junelle! You made me smile. Thank you so very much.
Christy thank you for sharing Junelle with us. I cannot wait to get my hands on one of your kits! Karen :)

Debbie crews

You do amazing artwork. I especially love your the colors you choose to work with. Thank for for sharing and inspiring me.

Fran Pascazio

Thank you for posting another Junelle echo everyone else, she is amazing! You two together are something else altogether!!! Can't wait for your fall schedule to be posted. I was really bummed I was unable to take advantage of your She Art Sale....maybe next time...


this is amazing!!!!! I love every single detail....I just want to go make something right this minute!!!! It is stinking cute!!! Thank you for the inspiration!!

Sharon Caillier

OMG, I love this Junelle. What do you do when you cannot sketch?


Oh wow, this is amazing! I love the color and whimsical quality. :)

Erin B

i adore this! You have inspired me create something tonight!


fabulous...thank you much! ;D

Peggy Lee

so love this one...thanks for sharing

Susie Roberts

I love her videos . I feel lIke shes talking right too us instead if giving instruction. Her style of making art is very infectious like her laugh! Just lots of FUN!

Carmen Lucero

Thank you Christy and Junelle - you have inspired me today to create something that speaks to me!!




Oh how I love junelle! She is one inspiring lady for sure!

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