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August 08, 2012


William Stephen

The very first thing to note if you want to boost your workouts is to make sure you're using the right tempo. To enhance your explosive power, you'll want to use a tempo pattern that has you driving the weight up as quickly as possible and then lowering it back down slowly in a controlled manner.


Hey Christi! stick a magnet on the back of the rock for a great fridge magnet!


Your rocks rock. I can't wait to try the mugs.


I love that you are making wonderful memories @your new house & you haven't even moved in yet! Definitely going to do some of these projects with my kids. Thanks for the inspiration

Love your rocks!
Lol my friend & I are currently painting rocks to "plant" around town. They say things like, Jesus loves you, God loves you so much He can't take His eyes off you... We are trying to make encouraging & uplifting "surprises" for people to "discover". Blessings~deedee


Love the mugs! And love how you are living the class - I just got to the wheel last night and I realized my life is a little more of a bumpy ride then I thought. I love the idea of Art w/ the family and am totally stealing this for my 80/20 list!

Wendy aka Roo

Huge fan of Pinterest as well. Have lots of your stuff on boards! Sounds & looks like you all had agreat time-they turned out awesome! I have those rocks pinned too, I want to attempt to make them some time. I tried a Pinterest Project too-Have an old Kitchenaid Mixer (I mean really old), have you seen those pins where you personalize it with vinyl or that one girls ws who does custom order mixers for celebrites? Anyway-talk about diving in feet first-you should never just start taking apart something like that on the spur of the moment, you find you don't know what screws goes where etc & then you find that the internet has videos on how to take apart & clean your mixer...ugggh. I have it all apart & mostly all cleaned-next is figuring out what goes where, seeing if I need to reorder any missing parts then will begin the fun part-painting & making it my own! or who knows maybe I'll win a new one with all the contests I've been entering! Sorry to make this so long, but thought I'd share. ;)


I've seen this idea on Pinterest too. So great to see you trying the projects and sharing them - even if they haven't gone to plan. When you try a project, you really throw youself in. I admire your fearlessness!

I get distracted by looking at the pretty pictures too - Don't we all :)

I adore your next Pinterest project - the thought of leaving them on peoples porches as a surprise to find (RAK) is wonderful. Might just have to try this one out myself.

Big hugs - Coral.

Jolene Eborn

Love your projects! I have to tell you that my kids and I painted the rocks last year. We wrote uplifting messages on them and left them in places all along the greenbelt for people to find. It was a blast! We "patiently" waited for a few hours and went back to see if they had been found. They had and we were so excited. My daughter even imagined stories about who found her favorites. It was a BLAST! Your post reminded me that we need to do that again! Thanks!


Ooohhh looks like so much fun! Thanks for being the test subject on the coffee mugs...was on my to do list from Pinterest (but I was a big skeptical)!! The rocks are so cute too...just put a bunch of plain ones in a planter on my porch...may have to paint them now (put it on my to do list anyway)! Glad you are having a fun and family filled summer and can't wait to get wild with you and Junelle in the fall!

Christine Herman


Try Pebeo pens and paints for your mugs. I paint on plates and that is what I use. Dishwasher safe (top rack).

Here's my site for more inspiration!

Kelly W.

I love it -- so real, so true, right?? I am so totally stealing the rock idea -- I'm going camping in the U.P. next week with my daughter - no electricity, no running water...totally unplugged. This is a great idea for collecting rocks on the beach and transforming them into little pieces of art -- perfect project if it rains one day! (Of course, schlepping the rocks home on the airplane might get tricky...) :)


i love pinterest too!(i'm following you lol)
we did the mugs it!
for the rocks it's a very great idea!
And we can also ask people to do one when they come here! So funny to sit and look at them in the future!

Jean McNulty

What great ideas. I am going to give them both a try..thanks for sharing:)

Sue W.

LOVE the rocks! I may have to do some of them for Christmas gifts. I'd also like to try the coffee mugs, once YOU (!) get all the bugs worked out and tell us how to do it without all the hard work coming off, of course.

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