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August 22, 2012


Nurani Khatun

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patti burchwell

thank you so much for extending the sale. How kind of you! I was kicking myself for not taking the 3 Hearts class along with other two I signed up for, so now I'm giddy with excitement for a second chance at sale! Thank you-thank you- thsnk you!!

Eniko DeLisle

You are a sweetie to do this for all of us on a tight budget! I miss hearing your sweet voice, so I may just have to sign up for something I haven't taken yet!

Trish Duncan

I got TWO of the workshops this weekend. Due to storm watching I have gone through all of the videos and am working on my stuff... LOL... AWESOME... don't miss out.. AND THANK YOU CHRISTY!! <3 <3


Thank you! xxx

Michelle LaPoint Rydell

Ohh I'm so HAPPY to hear that we have a year to access the classes!!! I am enjoying the 3 Hearts class SO MUCH and I don't want to rush through it! YEAYYYYY!!!!! Thank you Christy!!!

Jen Clark

Thanks SO much, Christy!!!! xoxo


Thanks for the reminder!! Just signed up for several classes and I need the year!



I've just bought SheArt 2 and I'm sooooo happy... I love you! Sending you warm, long tight hug!


THANK YOU!!! I was drooling over the 3 hearts workshop the other day - so I have with much gratitude for your generosity taken up the offer and signed up for this one.

Tresa Bozell

I found and purchased your paper "She Art" at Hobby Lobby yesterday. OH MY GOSH---love it! When I saw it, I knew it was what I had been looking for! Beautiful patterns--modern yet, love, love it!


I immediately signed for Creative Color... and fell in love with your teaching and the way you inspire us to get creative and have fun! So I came back to She art workshop! Soo excited! Thanks!!

Thanks for the fantastic offer Christy - I've done She Art 1, and 3 hearts, and am very excited to try Art of Wild Abandonment.... How long before we are hooked up with our classes? I was really hoping to get started on the weekend, but haven't heard anything yet.

Angela Nebinger

Thanks for offering your classes at a discounted price.. I too am on a bit of a budget but after taking your living canvas workshop am left wanting more :) I signed up for the She Art Girls and the The Art of Wild Abandon.. can't wait to get started with more of your fabulous classes!!


Christy! Thank you!!! I'm so excited and signed up for two classes!! I took your very first offering of the She Art Workshop and was so very impressed not only with the content, but also luv luv your videos!! Hope you're still getting 'messy'!! Can't wait to get started!!! Whoo Hoo!!

Leila West

So happy to be able to take the class. I signed up and paid last night. Can you tell us when we will get access?


Once we sign up when will get access to the courses?


Thank you so much, Christy for this generous offer! I've signed up for 2. Been wanting to take a class from you for a very long time, but we've been 'counting pennies' and your sale makes this dream a reality!
Thanks again

Donna Murdock

Christy, you are so sweet and darling! Next year when I'm back from our mission to China (we leave this very Saturday) I'll catch up with some of your classes. I can't wait to see pictures of your family in your great, finished house. Donna

Gayle L

Thank you so much Christy. I have just signed up for 4 of these classes which completes all of them (bar Bangles)for me...bring on the next ones I
I'm doing the happy dance here. :)

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