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August 06, 2012


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This blog stuff is really amazing! Thanks for sharing this great stuff.

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Wow excellent piece of work!I appreciate your creative work keep it up..

Wendy aka Roo

OMGosh Christy-you 2 must be sould sisters!She has the same fun & endearing personality as you do! I will now be stalking her blog as well! You girls rock!
Puppy Hugs,

Ellie M.

I have missed junelle's videos so much! Glad she is doing this for us-she is so cute and down to earth. Love how she asks as if we are "there"!


Fantastic pages, thanks for the tutorial!


Awesome! I love Junelle's work and her blog! Fab to be able to follow Junelle once a month here too. Yay.

Jennifer Hartsfield

Love, love and love you both!!! Can't wait for Oct. to get here for another class with you two!!! Thank you Junelle and Christy for these videos!!!! Jennifer

Crafting Marfa

Wow this video is fantastic! Thank you so much. My mind is chuck full of ideas right now that I can't wait to do.

Desiree de Monye

This is like having a mini class with Junelle every month!!!!



Sharon Osborn

AHHHH!! This is the bestest idea in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!! Cannot wait ;)


2 for one! wath a great idea!!! yeah!
love you two!!


Christy - so happy you are working with Junelle again - I loved loved the wild abandonement online class and just want more more more of Junelle - I am at work now but can't wait to get home tonite and view here video!! Yipeee!

Ann Marie

Every month? Heaven! Two of my favorites in one place -- love that! Congrats! Love you girls! xoxox

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