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August 14, 2012


Nurani Khatun

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Aubrey Holloway

You're right, Chalice. I don't see any other reasons why your family members suffered stomach flu virus. It doesn't mean that the whole food is spoiled; there might be some ingredients that caused the food to spoil easily. A good solution here is to avoid solid food for a while. But after the pain subsides, I suggest eating crackers and bread to fill up your appetite.

Chalice Lindgren

The food served in the family reunion event (obviously) was the reason why most of your family members suffered stomach flu and virus. But it's a good thing that it wasn't that severe, though. There is no definite treatment for this, but drinking a lot water and/or fruit juice would really help. Drinking water can prevent dehydration which is the common effect of this virus. Be aware of the food you eat next time, and I do hope that this won't happen again, Christy.

Kelly W.

Cute, cute, cute !! journal page. I loved watching her sketch first -- I don't do that -- but I DO think that way...I like to have more of a "plan" -- so I may have to try a sketch out next time!

Hope you and the fam are feeling better soon, Christy!!

kay burnett

i am loving the videos with junelle. you girls are so clever:) can't wait for the fall line up. i'm sure i will be signing up. ha! i did last year! anyway, i so hope and pray you and your family feel better really soon. as for me and mine, school started monday the 13th. and i have to say i am loving the free time.

Jennifer Hartsfield

can't wait for the new classes!!!! Hope by now you guys are all feeling better.


Hope you are all on the mend, we experience the same thing at Christmas. Everyone got the flu except for three really young kids.
I can't wait for all the classes they sound awesome as usual!!!


Hope you and your family will be feeling better soon. No fun being sick especially when you have so many things coming up.
Can't wait to get more details on the classes, they sounds absolutely fabulous.


OH NO Christy, you poor things! Nothing worse than sick kiddies! But glad to hear that you are all starting to feel better!

I have to say that I have been sooo busy lately that I haven't done any art journalling and I really miss it. I just got a new desk, so I might just have to get a little messy in the next few days...haha!

Suezi Gurzi

So glad that you all are on the mend!! That is no fun when Momma gets sick!!
I love love love what Junelle has done with your kits! I am so signing up for a class or two. It will be my first time taking an online excited!

Margo@Legacy of a Single Girl

That Junelle is gonna be a star!!

Trish Duncan

OH my dear... I hope you are one the mend... hugs...Thanks for the updates on on the goodies doming out way!

Jenn H

Hope you all feel better soon. Boo for feeling bad.

I can't wait to sign up for the workshops...I never miss a one:):)


Get well soon Tomlinson family!!
Can't wait for the workshops!



Deborah T.

I'm sorry to hear about your fun ending in happened to us one year at a Christmas family reunion. The last thing I was asked on a video taken during a hike back to the cabin was "What are you going to do now" and I replied "go puke". It was an awesome weekend with family regardless and one we will never forget!




hope you all feel better soon

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