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September 05, 2012


Ann Marie Ruda

I signed up for the WINTER WHIMSY WORKSHOP. I have never taken an online class before so I am not sure how this works. Do I get an email with the supplies I will need and the time I can log on for the class? Just wanted to make sure I have what I need for the projects.
Ann Marie

Kelly from MT

I am SO excited for my very first Christy class! I discovered your work and tutorials about a month ago, and they have been my stress reliever. I hope hope hope that I will win the retreat contest. Thank you SO much!


Just signed up for another workshop. I can't wait to get started.
Workshops in your studio!!!!!!!! When can we sign up for that
thanks Pye

Faith Gaspar

Is it January yet??? I would LOVE a chance to win a retreat with you Christy... The Workshops will just have to keep me company til then....


Valerie Bullock

You got me! Really looking forward to all the classes. I'm doing my happy dance!!

kay burnett

yay! i am all signed up for ALL CLASSES and can't wait to get started :) also, i am now planning for a trip to your new home and new studio! i am so excited. the way i see it, if i have been enrolled in so many of your classes why not join you in person. i won't count on winning and freebie but i will count on making the trek the old fashioned way. i am so excited and so blessed to be able to learn from such a wonder artist. you just made my day!

Melissa Johnson

I am so excited about these classes!! Now that I've finally got some "me" time back,I know what I'll be doing!! :)
Thanks for offering the great special too--you ROCK!

Pat Healey

Loved visiting with you last February at Donna's Studio and would love to work in your new studio - sounds like so much fun. I'll be 70 next year and want to get as much fun/art in my life as I possibly can. These new workshops sound amazing. Count me in!


so excited about these classes! WooHoo! fun times ahead!! signing up now.

Regina F

Oh my oh my...I need to buy, but I have to wait till hop
I hope I can get in on time. We have till next week for the special, correct???

And all this with Junelle too!!!!!!! Wow, this is super awesome....
Looking forward to this


you AMAZE!!!


Oh Christy!! I am so taking these workshops!! I am in the middle of watching your other classes and..Oh boy! They are just GREAT!! Worth every single penny indeed!!
I'm so glad I found you , I've never done any mixed media before and now taking your classes , I want to learn more and can't wait to start getting messy : )
Thank you for the great offer!
God Bless you.


OMG! I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond today to purchase a bridal shower gift and found Christy Tomlinson prints! I couldn't hardly keep looking for the shower gift because I just wanted to buy the prints and get them home to hang! What a beautiful inspiration set for me to have in my craft room while taking your classes! Thanks!

Dira Reeves

YIKES!!! you are so bad...but I love you!!! Who on earth can resist this? Can I, should I? Can I, Should I......push the button...not...push the button...oh go ahead!! I just convinced myself...I am!! Thank you kindly!!!


awwww!!! love them all!!!
i have one question...i've buyed the "she art one" i have one year to watch them ??(still not finished ) i would love to take the new ones but need time to finish the other before lol!!!

Sandra Mouwen

Very cool! I just signed up for two of them! Can't wait to get started! Thanks!

Anna Lee

Got up this morning and tried to add water to my coffee pot without taking the lid off. Ugh! Hoped online and read about your classes and my day just turned around:) How exciting. These classes sound great - Thanks for all your hard work. Looking forward to the classes and hope to hear more about the retreat. BTW - I think you are totally amazing!

Question - If you havent' yet taken the Wild Abandonment class will the second class be hard to follow or do the two compliment each other?




A little over £60 for three wonderful workshops,must be the bargain of the year! The best 'crafting money' I ever spent was on She Art,Wild Abandonment and Three Hearts workshops, so I can't wait for the new ones.I already know I'm going to love them.

Larissa Heskett =)

AWESOME!! Can't wait to create!! THANKS for sharing and for the GREAT SPECIAL!! Man SO EXCITED about the up coming retreats/chance to win!! I'd LOVE to come and create with you in your studio!! =) A dream come true for many of us I think!! THANKS AGAIN and I'll see ya in class!! =)

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