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September 05, 2012



This is so awesome! Gotta sign up for the package deal, but first I gotta take Wild Abandonment #1 now...LOL. Its one of the few I didnt sign up for at 1/2 price...dang, I knew that was my mistake :) So excited to take these new classes! Thank you :)

Kelly W.


So TOTALLY not cool :)

These classes look amazing Christy - no wonder you are super duper excited!!!


Oh WoW! What I would give to come to your retreat!! I'm not big on Halloween, but those pumpkins sucked me in!! Love the snowman, and then Junelles...wOw, cant wait to sign up!

Julie W.

I am beyond excited!!! You made my day Christy!!! Can't wait, have already signed up. And, definitely can't wait for youto have retreat at your home, would be so awesome if I could come create with you in person, can;t tell you how much that would mean to me!! Here's to happy creating.


I cant wait!!! All of these look like so much fun!!!! Thank you Christy!!!


Everything looks AWESOME!!! I LOVE your style!!!!! Yay!!!!

Alexandra Macgregor

Fabulous! I am also from Australia and only found you a couple of months back. Am taking Junelle's class and also when you had your wonderful sale a couple of weeks ago - signed up for the 2 She Art classes as well. Loving them all - so inspirational and funny and makes my heart feel good everytime I sit down to watch one of the clips. Will be doing Junelle's new class and probably the Christmas ornament one later in the year. Keep them coming Christy, loving every minute I am spending with you and Junelle and my art (and time for myself). Hugs Alexandra


super duper excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Could not sign up for all three fast enough - and I'm still practicing my radishes from week one of the first Wild Abandonment!!


Are these online classes?

Liane Townsend

I would just faint and scream til my neighbors came to check on me if I won a visit with Christy! Too good to be true but what a delightful dream to hope for for all of us. Yes, we would die happy Ann Marie LOL

Ann Marie

I am going to pray every single night that you pick me to come and stay and play arts with you, could I die happy or what?????!!!!! What an opportunity!!!!

Liane Townsend

OMG I am $95 poorer but so excited, these workshops, PRICELESS! Thank you so much Christy!!! xo


Oh heck, I was in the middle of cooking dinner
Looking at my phone & didn't even get down to see there's more! Holy heck! What a deal! Is your 'deal' price good till next Wed? Please, please if I'm reading it right. I'll have $$$ on Wed! Oh, I hope so!! Can't wait!!


so pleased to be joining you and janelle! finishing up artsy bangles this weekend-and of course some sheep! Looking forward to the fall and holidays and creating with you! Sherry in Texas!

Jen Clark

Totally freakin' excited, Christy!!!!!! LOVE everything about these!!!!

Sherry C

Beyond excited for these workshops!


Oh Christy! You and Junelle have been such a blessing in MY life! Thank you sweetie! I will be there for all three!!!
Melle in FL


Oh my heck, this is going to be sooooo much fun. What a great deal, I am signing up for all three. So worth it. I was so pleased with all of your workshops and also Junelle's. You both are very good teachers and it is just plain fun listening to you. Susan

Joanne Freeman

I am freaking excited too Christy. As I read this post I could hear your voice in my head. I could hear your excitement. I live in Australia and we don't celebrate halloween officially but I am taking all 3 classes beacuse I know from previous classes I will learn so much and have so much fun regardless of the topic. Thanks for doing workshops to make a living. You not only support your family but bless so many people worldwide. So glad I 'found' you last year. xxxx Jo

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