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September 18, 2012


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Oh my! Those Truth of the matter Tv set Actors can gaol for everyone tough time. Just about any option you can easily purchase the Kardashians with within this movement?

Linch Niles

I'm such a fan of your artwork, Christy. One day, I'll get that one for myself. It would be an additional to my collection of great artwork from great artist. I'm sure your parents are really proud of you. Keep on inspiring us.


love your new canvases! a day with Mom is an awesome idea. And, just love his canvas. He obviously loves creating. Hugs to you all!!

nancy Johnston

Wow, Noah! I am in awe! Your work is wonderful - wish I could buy it from you, but I doubt if you'd ever sell it.

Frankly, your picture is better than ANYTHING I saw on Melody Ross's website, and I love her work. You should be really proud of your talent. I can only hope to get as good.

Thank your mom for sharing with us - I'm so inspired to get home from work and play with my paints and glue gun.


christy, i LOVE all you canvases. they are so inspiring, and big, and fresh, and so you. thanks for sharing all your artist friends. some of them i was aware of and others i will look up. it is so amzing what everyone shares, pieces of them.

congrats to your mom for her first painting. and noah, great job. keep up the work.


Never doubt the art of a 7 year old-they are so fresh from God!! My favorite art inspiration is my 9 year old granddaughter (who just happens to think art began with me-lol). With her it's all process, much less so the product and I've come to see she's got it right!! Another of my art mentors says never to say bad things about your art because it hurts their/its feelings. Your work is very you! Learn from others all the time, but your art will always be uniquely yours!! Love you much!!

melissa johnson

My first online course was your She Art course and I was hooked. I love the look of that owl class, I am loving owls right now. I need to check that out!! Your huge canvases look amazing, I am really intimidated by working on such a large scale. And your son's textured canvas is just beautiful!! What a talented family :)

juliette crane

so fun to have you in class, christy. and you will really love jesse reno's fun you and your hubby will be taking it together. best wishes!

xoxo juliette


Wow, Noah, your art piece is so beautiful. You are an inspiration to me, thank you for sharing this.
Christy, thank you for all you do in sharing your heart and creativity.

You are a blessing to me.

Barbara Konopa

You are a very talented young man and I would daresay an artist. Keep up with your art and following your instints. If you do you will continue to evolve.

Barbara Konopa

I think it is nice that you are taking online workshops but you have such an awesome talent and voice in your art. I can look at something on another blog and know it is yours. I think that terrible show "Craft Wars" did a number on you. It seems to me that you are now doubting your "voice" thinking you have to do what others want. Keep your doodles and all the "stuff" you add to your canvases because they say Christy Tomlinson. Just saying.....


Susie LaFond

OMG girl, first of all I ADORE your artwork and your site is one of my favorites to visit and gotta tell ya, having taken all the classes in the last 6 months that you shared, you are in for some serious fun. Flora is amazing, Juliette is a sweetheart and Mindy is just plain fun to watch. I learned so much from all of them, like you I want to infuse my style using their techniques and finding my own balance within each class and I'm still absorbing things from each one. I'd love to take an in person class from any of them but thankful that they offer online classes and Jesse Reno, WOW, Just had to pop in and share the class love with ya. Many hugs and thank you for your amazing inspiration as well. Your colors always make me feel good head to toe. Love it all.


hi christy, just wanted to tell you she art was my first online mixed media class and in 1 years time I have become acquainted with ALL OF THE ARTISTS you said that you have just came upon. AMAZING!
I actually met Melody last year at TCC, and Juliette lives in Madison-I live in Milwaukee:) just adore all of the artists that you mentioned. I also took Lifebook this year,so i know you have heard of tam. so awesome that she found you,too!
BTW, it is my goal to "win" a spot in your new/old home retreat that you have mentioned! (Xmas, birthday etc savings)

Debi Minter

Oh Noah!!! Your vase of flowers is wonderful. It makes me so happy to look at it... my heart sings! Christy, once again, thank you so much for the wonderful blog posts and sharing your amazing life with us. I am ALWAYS inspired after reading a long post by you!!! xo

lori jolley

I am so jealous of all the classes you are taking!!! How fun!
And Noah- I wish I could create like you do! I love your art! I think it is beautiful!!!


yay!!! you are coming to Nurture your creative seed!! awesome :-) i'm so thrilled and can't wait to connect with you in person darling girl. its gonna be so so good....

loves and hugs


I find your story about Noah's "messy" art amusing when I think about your amazing work. He obviously has inherited your skills. Definitely back off and let him do what he wants. He is AMAZING!!! I've pinned his creation to my Pinterest board for inspiration!

Mary Werner

I LOVED your doodling on TLC and thought that guy was totally wrong when he said it. I just knew that you were the kind of person that would not let it bother you - maybe make you a little mad since he was trying to be entertaining by putting you down. He was NOT and I haven't watched the show since - just not my cup of tea. Your doodling on the play house made it sing!

Fiona Davis

It's quite amazing when we let our children just do it!. I am watching your Living Canvas class at the moment and my daughter always wants to sit with me and always asks if I am going to do some of that today. She is only 5 but is already a pasting and painting pro. Thanks for your inspiration Christy, you really are great at getting us out there and trying new things!


Thanks for sharing so much inspiration, Christy. Your work is so full of positive energy and joy! And how awesome that your mom and son have been getting involved and making such beauty!
My daughter and I are so excited to do the pumpkins and cider workshop!!! xo Karen

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