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September 24, 2012


maillot lyon 2013 domicile


Lisa Richardson

Thanks for the videos. I love watching them but I gotta say I was so surprised to say that you are in Shelly, ID because I graduated high school from Firth High School and we had lots of church activities with the Shelly kids but this was way back in the mid 80's.

ReNae Allen

Christy, I adore these little houses! How cute are the little numbers on the houses and the use of washi tape!
I am imagining a Halloween neighborhood using this idea...lots of goblins and scary (fun scary) monsters and creepy spiders etc!
It is a fun time of year to do crafting and to make art, there are so many things that inspire us and let our creative juices flow!
Thanks for the great ideas and please keep them coming!
Your biggest fan, ReNae in Kansas :-)

Jean A Marmo

Super cute!! Thanks for the video!

Sue H

Love this Christy. I have a question about the sew stampers..... when the ink runs out, do they work if you run the head over an ink pad?


each time i leave a comment here it dissaperes!!!??
i was saying that i love your canevas!! when i use my sew stampers the ink goes away when i decoupage it??? i don't know why!!!
have a great vacation!!!

Julie-Ann Deere

Christy, so cute! It's amazing and I love it. Your work is always so amazing and I look forward to each month's tutorial. Enjoy your holiday with your family

Eniko DeLisle

Christy, this kit is great! I'm cracking up over the turquoise! Although on the video the blue looks darker than on the photos...anyway I just want you to know how much we appreciate your little videos! xoxox

Larissa Heskett =)

What a FUN canvas!! I LOVE the doors and the number plates!! They were made for houses!! LOVE the colors and I don't think you should be worried about using turquoise!! It kinda like a signature color of your work!! Anyway, I LOVED it!! THANKS for sharing and I hope you have a FABULOUS WEEK getting ready for your cruise!! =)

Lucy Chen

Christy, you make me want to get the kit too.

Diane Dolan

I have absolutely no problem with the color turquoise...just sayin'. I LoVE your turquoise work.


Hi Christy, just ordered the kit after seeing your project. Love, love, love the canvas! Hope you and your family are enjoying your vacation.

Donna L

Love this month's kit -- it is so funny cause I had just ordered those Maya Road Doors and then got more in the kit -- too funny. Really like what you've done this month. Hope you are enjoying the cruise!


Can't wait to get my hands on the kit...should be here by the end of the week...happy place!!!

pam lunnon

Why did I spell your name 2 ways ...??? Sorry ! :)

pam lunnon

Hi Christi !
Love the canvas ... cheerful & playful ! I laughed watching the video ... I sell the rollers in my store & the first time I used them I actually thought "These are SO Christy T !!" lol. They are amazing & so much fun. Whimsy whimsy !!


Oh!!! Tu arte me enamora!!!



super, merci pour cette belle vidéo!

Jessica Sporn

Love this! Here is what I did with the kit.

I have some doors leftover so I am going to do another!


I will be adding new doors to open to my painting this evening!


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