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September 04, 2012



Hi, I've never posted anything in my life:).I know this post was awhile ago, however, I've ALWAYS LOVED YOUR WORK!!! GREAT INSPIRATION!!!! I as well go through pain, not like you, probably not even on the same grid of pain, as you, but fighting depression, esp. when you have 3- kids, and family to take care of, is still challenging. Getting out of bed everyday is hard! I know a lot of people use their art, as a "remedy" I can't even create. I have a hard time picking up a paint brush, pencils, anything!!!!, but I've ALWAYS enjoyed watching your work. I hope one day to be as strong as you!!!! You're awesome!!!!

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The lightheartedness of your approach to come out with a beautiful result.

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Christy, thanks for sharing. I have RA and fibro tai I have to pay someone to listen to my crab. I have been in dealing with these issues in my life for many years, I will still be "poor me" day. I really need to learn how to organize my energy, still be able to do "terms of service" and "want tos"
I am looking forward to September toolkit.


Thanks for sharing.You and Junelle are so inspiring to me. Thanks a lot again...

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Hi Christi, I'm a new fan :) Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and for being so inspiring! I'm saving for those FC big brush pens ;) Don't know if you've tried it but Reiki healing is very good for Fibro, I'm a Reiki teacher in the UK and have had much success with several people over the years, just wanted to mention that, hope it's ok to do so. Keep up the good work :)

Kelly Neis

Hi Christy,
I also have fibro for 13 years now and I have managed it without drugs and I am too the point of barely any pain. I was thinking right, this is such a painful debilitating illness and then someone introduced me to Mannatech products, which I took for 3 years and now I switch to Young living Essential Oils as it is cheaper and Mannatech pretty much healed most of it. My Dr. uses me for advice to his patients that do not want to do the medication route. I also have specialized massage thearapist that does Ortho-bionomy, she un knots the muscles for me 1 time per month, it used to be weekly. I have limits on myself as I know if I overdo it I will get some pain but then there are the oils and the next day, better. I actually had a child 4 years ago age 46. Last year I climbed Harneys Peak in SD, a very high mountain, and no pain as I prepared for it, Fibro is not running my life, just a small bump in the road. If you want more info on details of what I did to gain control of Fibro please let me know, I will detail it for you. May God Bless you and heal you so that you can give us joy in your artwork. Kelly N

Wendy aka Roo

You are so inspiring & not just through your art, but as a person too. Thank you for sharing all these sides of you with us, maybe I learn something from other than art. I suffer from depression & maybe I just need to take your attitude & your oh so cute expression Holy Cow & use it on myself. :-)
I'm so happy that you made your videos in one location!!!
Puppy Hugs,

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I must appreciate your great blog post. I really much enjoyed. Keep blogging like that!


I am usually a lurker but had to pop in to leave a comment.
I want to thank you for always inspiring me,not only through your art but your words.
I also suffer from Arthritis and Fibro~ I refuse to let it define who I am.
I have spent the last four years wearing a surgical boot off and on and am wearing it now for the 13th week.Some days are hard not feeling sorry for myself.
When I see and read what others do I know I have nothing to complain about...
Thank you and I hope you continue to take care of yourself and share with us when you can sweetie

Cindy Roderique

Great Attitude, that will keep you positive! For what it is worth, my sister also suffers from Fibro and small nerve neuropathy she went to Mayo 5 times to assist with the pain management and they could not help her. She discovered that she felt better when she was in the sun or went to the tanning bed, she asked her doctor to check her vit. D and it was extremely low, he gave her high doses and she also takes another little bit that she purchases off the internet it is a strip that you put in your mouth and it disolves. She is pain free now. Amazing!!

Donna Baril

Thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us. My body is betraying me right now. I want to ski again, learn to swim and learn to play golf. My whole family skis and I never go with them. This is the year EVEN if it is painful! Swimming is a necessity because we own a sailboat and go vests help. I am a beginner golfer, but it is fun. So body...submit. I am going to do these things by golly!

Ginger Labry

Love it Christy! The post and the tutorials, thank you.

Sarah Miller

Christy, thanks for sharing. I have RA and Fibro too and I have to pay someone to listen to me crab.I have been dealing with these problems in my life for years now, and I still get the "poor me" days. I really need to learn how to organize my energy and still be able to do the "have tos" and the "want tos"
I'm looking forward to the Sept. kit.


Do what matters most....very wise words. Thank you for sharing yourself with us, we are so very lucky! It makes you so very human in a world where we tend to connect on such an impersonal level. Thank you, Christy.


Great post on Attitude Christie. I have Lupus and I find that I do the things I want to do (like ride motorcycle) but I plan some down time for the next day - helps me to manage getting over tired and causing a flare. Signed up for Wild Art Class with you and Junelle and am LOVING it!!

Patty Armbrust

Thank you for sharing. I am learning so much from you about art and about life. It makes me look at things in a more positive attitude. Your attitude is amazing. Best wishes. Patty

Chris Thuerk

Thanks Christy for the video links and for sharing your wonderful art with everyone! And Brava to you for hanging in there and living YOUR life- for good, for bad, and all that's in between-Your memories will indeed be more precious than you can imagine.

Eileen Terhaar Clark

Thank you , Christy, for your inspiring post. I found your videos via 'Scraptime' from CHA. I was blown away by the fun you had, and the mess, and the play factor. The lightheartedness of your approach to come out with a beautiful result. have been blessed to have been published in several magazines with my mixed media, but several years ago, just when I was picking up steam, my husband was diagnosed with CIDP, an auto-immune disease. It stopped us both in our tracks. We went from just on the Edge of early retirement, finally being able to travel, fix up our house, etc, to mind-numbing pain, crippling outrageously impoverishing medical bills, and a complete change of lifestyle. So pity parties and outright depression became realities, and withdrawal into our own home from his limited mobility. I keep aiming for balance, and will continue to try for that. Meanwhile, I have just signe up for two of your workshops, and I'm so excited! It's like a ray of sunshine for me! Thank you so much!


Here is a huge big hug for you!
you give so much to us,i'm sure that you said de truth and that fibro will be going away very soon!!!
i can't wait for tomorrow and yess i've seen them all...more than once! ;)
love so much your art!
you re so inspiring! thanks for all!!

Mel Cardin

Oh Christy, I know what you mean!!! I'm struggling with Fibro for more then 5 years now, and, like you, I choose to LIVE MY LIFE!!! Sometime I pay the price, but, like you said, this is the life that I want to remember!!!

Can't wait to see your new workshops!!!

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