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October 24, 2012


Nurani Khatun

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Me and my son only want to tell you I like your thoughts¡­


I had a bad fall Oct.11 (over a book bag at school) and ended up with a compression fracture.Your classes have saved me from getting the blues. I enjoy being stuck in the house and joining you for class. Thank you so much for sharing your love of creative art. Very excited to start the new projects.


Hi Christy, beautiful stuff, thank you for what you do. I love looking at your work, shopping in Scarlet Lime and getting inspiration from you. One question will you be bringing your phone covers out for iphone5?
Thanks from down under.

Kim T

A*M*A*Z*I*N*G!!!! So inspiring, beautiful and I'll say it again, amazing!! Thanks for sharing and happy frolicking!


I just love your paintings! They are so cute.
I love your videos also, thank you for making them (was it right? I hope you underestand what I mean :) )

Hanna in Sweden

Yesterday I recieved your dresses-tissuepaper and I'm using it for the first time now. Love it - it's soooo cute! I showed it to my 4-year old girl, who watches your youtube videos together with me all the time, and she loved it too. I think it may be time for her to make her first very own she art girl soon:-)

Barbara Konopa

Off topic..but how is the new/old house coming? Are you guys moved in yet?? I assume this is where the new studio is. Loved to see some pictures.
Try to stay well,

Debbie S

P.S....setting myself a reminder for shopping Friday!!!


you are a big inspiration!!!

Debbie S

If I lived in Idaho I would come and help you....This is certainly a lot of work for you right now, I pray for good non-achy, energetic, clear headed
days to come your way when you feel like "yourself" and can get a million things done knowing God has given YOU these blessings for all that you have given others through your light, spirit and hope filled inspiration. Xo Debbie s

Marita Summers

You are such an inspiration. Not only is your art out of this world gorgeous - so talented- but you inspire me with sharing how you deal with fibro and how it affects your life. We added on a big addition on our home this last year or so... my husband did most of the work. I helped when I could.. work fulltime but it was major juggling of "stuff" around all the time along with helping him. I have been sooo exhausted for so long... seems like I just can't bounce back like I used to. Crap I'm getting old! LOL I need to get ready for a busy time of year with art shows, etc. but I'm not sure I'm up to it this year. Oh well, it will get better... it does help when I hear how it affects your busy life and how you deal with it... thanks. I always look forward to your post and fantastic pictures, etc... geez, I didn't mean to vent on you... lol have a good week.

juliette crane

so happy you're loving painting animals right now! gorgeous work :)

xoxo juliette

Paula Haynes

Always, always so encouraged by your blog! I will frolic!

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