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October 30, 2012


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Christy I just have to tell you how much I am loving your art lately and seeing the progress and changes and how you are evolving! I am going through this myself...the techniques I've learned from you, Mindy & Junelle....I'm working on finding my way. Really enjoyed this post today and your girl - both painted and sketched is wonderful! Are you taking Mindy's new True Free Spirit class? I signed up but haven't painted yet...HUGS!


Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you are enjoying your special day. Today is my grandson's sixth birthday. What a special day it is.

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Happy birthday! Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful pictures and we. They are amazing! The last one reminds me of quiet "grace". She looks like she has a wise about her to give her quiet strength. There are those who you know, they are so graceful about things -- take it all in stride forward, don't exciting things and support those in this quiet way. I want to be one of the type! Ha! But I know one of the pair. If you have a rare gift for friends!


Happy Birthday Christy. Mine was on the 28th. I should have known you were another talented scorpio. I love everything you do.
Love the new indian girls too. Your birthday sounds splendid. I love to read too. I recently published my first novel on Amazon Kindle.
I'd love it if you checked it out. Do Over by Virginia Bailey
Thanks for all you do.

Sarah Lejeune

Happy birthday to someone who helped to free me. I knew I loved being creative but never had confidence in myself to think I could do anything that others would appreciate. I see myself in so many aspects of your personality and I liked you, so somehow that translated to "huh, I guess I am a good and worthy gal, cause I think and see goodness in christy and we are a lot alike" So you have been a gift I have given myself. Your classes and supplies are my way of taking care of myself. So thank you and I am glad to have had the pleasure of learning from you, both in art ideas and life skills and acceptance of myself and actually some freedom to like myself. That is a huge blessing. So Happy birthday and keep up all your awesome goodness and keep spreading the love and acceptance of self and others:))


Happy Birthday !!!!
love this girl


Great birthday rule!! Soooo since today is MY birthday I will do likewise!! I am (drumroll, please) 64!! (So I kind of do what I please most of the time.) Tomorrow I will party with my play group BFF's which will be fabulous fun!! We will make art together and have a movie! Love, love, LOVE your gals!! And you, and Junelle!! Big thank you for all that you do!

Cassie Tarr

Happy birthday! I love these girls, they are different and so full of strength. Hugs, cassie


Beautiful girls! I always enjoy reading your posts! seems like youre having loads of fun!

happy birthday!



Happy birthday. Love your new girls!



Julie Masse

Well Happy Birthday to YOU! I had to stop and leave a comment that I just found your blog through some Google searches as I was looking at mixed media art and She Girls. Your art is amazing and your tutorials are fabulous!! I gave you a little shout-out on my blog today - with my very first attempt at mixed media and she girls (of a sort). Thanks so much for the inspiration! :)

Laurie Sherwin

A very Happy Birthday, i also took today off and just did what i wanted. it's really nice to do that once in a while, love the She girls, i think my fav is the first one. it resonates with me, love and blessings, Laurie


Happy Birthday Christy!!!
The sketches are stunning :-) Beautiful work

Kelly W.

Happy, happy, happy birthday, Christy -- and many many more. May it be the best year yet!

PS - that first girl is my favorite, but they all ROCK It!


Happy Birthday, Christy! You deserve a wonderful day for all the joy you bring with your art and classes and sweet personality!

Leah C

Happy Happy Birthday dear Christy!! I hope your day was as amazing as your talent & art:)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIRSTY!! What a fun filled day you have planned, when are you going to find time to paint these cute girls??? Enjoy every minute of today, you deserve to be spoiled!! Loved eveything about this post! Those new girls are sooooo amzing and fun and sweet. I could see a SHE ART 3 class coming for them, HINT HINT!!!

Lots of love and hugs today and can't wait to hear what the surprise is!!

Grandma Shelley

Happy Birthday! I love the girls...I so want to make the "She Art Indian girl" it!

Christie R.

Happy Birthday from me too! I love reading your posts. This one especially made me smile. I like that you take time to be thankful for your life, and share it with all of us! It's a great reminder to me to be thankful!

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