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October 04, 2012


Jeremy Scott Wings

Reliable supplier, best source and discount price.

agencja reklamowa poznań

Great blog, hope to see more from you, realy wonderfull job

Trish Duncan

Love your new blog... and I also love how you set up your workshops on a new page... great look and they are so much fun... did she one and two now on AWA2 this is an amazing place for creating.. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Anca M

This is my website :
Best regards, Anca M

Anca M

Hello Christy, I have discovered though the work of Diane(myartjournal)your site, and I just loooove what you are doing. I have taken one picture and I put the link towards your site in my site. I hope you are ok and you do not mind. I wish you to be blessed with such a great imagination and continue this wonderful work of yours. Thank you for all the work that you make.


Hi I went to etsy and you must have sold out immediately!
I took your first she art class


Christy, I haven't taken the 1st class yet, but would love to sign up for this one. Should I do class 1 first before doing this 2nd one?

I'm having to watch my budget or I'd just sign up for both all at once like I did the She Art classes :-)

Joanne Freeman

I was super excited about Junelle's new class but now I am just over the moon excited. It is going to be so hard to wait till the 23rd Oct. Thanks for sharing Christy. Oh and I look forward to trying to buy one of your original pieces. xx Jo

Christy Tomlinson

April.,. the living canvas actually is $89.95.. it was originally 109.00 and it's on sale. :) that was a typo that is now fixed.


Good for you!!! you konow,great things come to great people!;)


Yay I've been waitin for My Living Canvas to come available again after a friend told me how great it was. There's a little snag. The all workshop page says it's $44.95 but when I put it in my cart it's charging me $89.95. :(

Lisa Castillo

Great things come to great people! You are such a wonderfully creative and talented person!

Dira Reeves

I am so happy for you Christy!! You just do not know the immense adoration I have for you. I have my eye on one of your works!! @^@ May God continue to bless you for me to continue with my inspire girl!!

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